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Plimsoll Brand Eyes Festival Goers with New Packs From Elmwood

The collection will launch across a series of music festivals this summer. Elmwood has created a unique pack for the shoes – a cardboard tube with a pop-top. The tube features hand written-style text communicating the brand's ethos.

Elmwood has also used a palette of "on-trend" shades for the logo and packaging including cherry red, denim blue, candy pink and navy.

Abi Turner, designer at Elmwood said: "POP was a really exciting project to work on because we had the fortune of building the visual identity for the brand from the ground-up. Our aim was to appeal to a fun, young audience by capturing the playful, vibrant feel of the products.

"A bold versatile logo was especially important in setting the tone and the unique tube packaging and bright colour palette brought it all together into a strong highly ownable brand concept. We're thrilled with the results and cannot wait to see POP Village hit festivals this summer."

The brand was created by Andrew Turner and Mario Campagna. The shoes are hand stitched by craftspeople in the La Rioja wine region of Spain and made from ethically sourced cotton and natural rubber. The plimsolls come in one style with a range of colour options. Each one also has its own scent, including raspberry, rose, cherry and vanilla.

Andrew Turner, co-founder of POP said: "The contribution Elmwood has given to our brand is impossible to underestimate. As a start-up, trying to establish and communicate an identity is not easy, and something that comes with time.

"Having people who understand and show enthusiasm in what you are trying to do is what gets you through the hard times. The quality of Elmwood's work has been an incredible asset in presenting our brand to potential customers and other businesses. I can't speak highly enough of what they have done for our company."

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