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South Africa's Imports & Exports in 2015

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In 2015, South Africa’s imports & exports volume was USD 167.36 billion, down 12.3% by year according to SARS. The exports volume was USD 81.64 billion, down 10.3% and imports volume was USD 85.72billion, down 14.2%. The trade deficit was USD 4.08 billion, down 53.9%.

In December, South Africa’s imports & exports value was USD 11.22 billion, down 23.1% by year. Exports value was USD 5.86 billion, down 22.9% and imports value was USD 5.37 billion, down 23.4%. The trade surplus was USD 490 million, down 16.4%.

From January to December, Imports & exports value of 2015 between South Africa and China was USD 23.11 billion, down 4%. South Africa’s exports value was USD 7.45 billion, down 13.8%. It accounted for 9.1% of South Africa’s total exports. South Africa’s imports from China reached USD 15.66 billion, up 1.5%. It accounted for 18.3% of total imports. The trade deficit with China was USD 8.21 billion, up 20.9%.

Up to December, China has become the biggest trade partner with South Africa. It’s also the largest market for South Africa’s exports and the largest import source for South Africa.

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