Trade Resources Economy Pig Iron Output Will Total 2.35 Million Mt

Pig Iron Output Will Total 2.35 Million Mt

According to the Ukrainian association of metal producers Metallurgprom, crude steel production in Ukraine will total 2.45 million mt in June this year, pig iron output will total 2.35 million mt, while Ukrainian production of rolled steel is expected to amount to 2.2 million mt.

In June, domestic steelmakers will need 640,000 mt of sintering ore, 1.470 million mt of iron ore concentrate, 475,000 mt of agglomerate, 575,000 mt of iron ore pellets, 945,000 mt of limestone, 1.120 million mt of metallurgical coke and 330,000 mt of steel scrap in order to ensure the planned volumes of production in the given month.

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Ukraine to Produce 2.45 Million Mt of Crude Steel in June
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