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Brief Report of Hong Kong's Trade in July 2016

According to the statistics from C&SD in Hong Kong, its volume of goods trade was USD582.12 billion from January to July in 2016, down 3.5% year-on-year (the same below). Overall Exports (including export and re-export) fell by 0.3% to USD284.32 billion. The volume of export grew by 157.0% to USD17.30 billion, and the volume of re-export fell by 4.1% to USD 267.02 billion. Imports fell by 6.3% to USD297.80 billion. The trade deficit was USD13.61 billion, down 25.1%.

In July, Hong Kong’s volume of goods trade was USD92.88 billion, barely changed. Exports grew by 1.9% to USD46.18 billion and imports fell by 1.9% to USD46.70 billion. And the trade deficit fell by 77.5% to USD0.51 billion.

Since January to July, bilateral trade volume between Hong Kong and the mainland China fell by 4.6% to USD287.99 billion. Hong Kong’s exports to mainland fell by 2.4% to USD155.69 billion. It accounted for 54.8% of Hong Kong’s overall export, down 1.1%. And Hong Kong’s imports from mainland fell by 7.1% to USD132.30 billion. It accounted for 44.4% of Hong Kong’s overall imports, down 0.4% over the previous year. Hong Kong’s trade surplus with China grew by 37.0% to USD23.38 billion.

As the largest trade partner of Hong Kong, the mainland China was its largest export market and source of imports up to July in 2016.

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