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Foton Aumark' Sales is Increasing

Sales of Foton Aumark increased by 47% in the first four month this year, and sales of Aumark 3 series light trucks which can be used as city logistics vehicles increased by 49%, said Gu Dehua, Business Director of Aumark on Aumark 3 series new product launching activity in Zhengzhou recently. 

Market needs for high end logistics vehicles are increasing as urbanization is growing, and the sales of Aumark trucks are increasing at the same time. How is Aumark light trucks sales this year? What are their strategy?

Mr. Gu expressed that sales growth of Aumark have increased by 47% from Jan to April, and the annual sales targets is to grow 50% over last year, and the sales growth was 40% last year.

In terms of the products, Aumark 5 series trucks saw the biggest sales growth this year, and the sales increased by 137% in the first four months. The 5 series are mainly used for inter city logistics transport and the vehicle will run on highway most of the time, and the speed are between 90 km to 110 km per hour. These light truck users pose higher requirement on fuel prudent for the costs of fuel take 40% of the total expenses. The needs for such markets are increasing rather fast in recent years, especially for the e-commerce and express mails.

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Sales of Foton Aumark to Increase Half This Year