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Top 3 Trends in The World of Mobile Phones that Is Going to Make an Impact in 2019

With the end of 2018 and the beginning of a new year, the world of mobile phones has undergone significant changes. Some of these changes are monumental from what has been prevalent in the smartphone industry previously and it seems that they are here to stay. Starting from flagship phones, budget phones and a cheap mobile phone or an entry level phone; each of these segments have seen enormous improvements. These improvements that you see in the mobile phone industry even for a cheap mobile phone is due to the emerging and popular technologies and trends that surround the mobile phone industry. The top 3 trends that have been most popular in the year 2018 and are sure to make a greater impact in the year 2019 has been listed below.

Artificial Intelligence
In today’s mobile phone market hardware has become commoditized and the war of best specifications between companies has reached a point of saturation; with almost every company being equipped with the latest hardware in the market. Smartphone engineers have realized that the next big thing in the industry is Artificial Intelligence, with software that is capable of machine learning and providing you with a hands-free experience. Companies like Huawei and Apple have created smartphones that have dedicated chipsets to handle AI computation on a local scale. You might have already come across examples of AI like Cortana, Siri, Google Assistant and Alexa. Although, you might have had experience with such AI, recent apps are also implementing this feature in order to provide you with a seamless and convenient user experience. Examples of such implementations include voice recognition features in some software and the likes. Different businesses and marketing firms are also collecting data from the way you use these AI features in order to know more about you and help developers better the software by allowing it to adapt to your specific needs.

Brilliant flagship smartphones
Flagship is a term that has been very popular for the last year and is definitely going to be an exciting topic in this year as well. The joy of getting to use a smartphone at a very low mobile phone price, having the same features that are present in high priced phones is unparalleled, and this is exactly what flagship phones are bringing to the market. Companies like OnePlus, Asus, Poco and Xiaomi have brought to the market phones that you would simply adore because of their outstanding features at a very little price in respects to the specifications that they sport.

In-display Fingerprint Scanner
One of the most popular features that has seen major developments in the last year is the fingerprint scanner. The availability of the in-display fingerprint scanner is something unique and has been introduced first by the company Vivo, in order to bring an end to the use of bezels. In a quest for end-to-end display, fingerprint scanners have now been included within the display of the smartphone and companies like Huawei and OnePlus have already adopted this technology, with many other companies expected to follow suit this year. Although, this technology is new and a bit slower than its physical counterpart, the technology will definitely see improvements in the coming time and become far more efficient.

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