Trade Resources Industry Trends Currently One Million High-Definition Digital Surveillance Cameras Has a Lot of Options

Currently One Million High-Definition Digital Surveillance Cameras Has a Lot of Options

Currently one million high-definition digital surveillance cameras used by the DSP has a lot of options, ordinary million surveillance cameras hot big hair, mainly on the DSP, heat a large, inevitably stability worrying.

Especially in the hot summer sun at noon under the hot sun, and more worried. It is worth mentioning that the original bolt on the fever is very large, if it continues to add infrared light in front of the bolt, it is not heated on a hot do? But now mostly Megapixel surveillance cameras are high-intensity Megapixel surveillance cameras, rather than illumination, general illumination million high-definition surveillance cameras usually 2-10LUX, this surveillance camera not only visible light sensing ability is weak, very weak infrared light sensor, so if you want to take the ordinary one million high-definition surveillance cameras made of infrared, number of infrared light illumination infrared machines put more than several times, or amplified current, so that infrared light becomes brighter, but doing so on the infrared lamp life worrisome.

Here, we will know, select one million high-definition surveillance cameras, be sure to test the machine's heat, to understand what they are using a DSP, how heat consumption.

As long as the digital surveillance cameras, have varying degrees of delay, the same 720P HD screen, and some surveillance cameras delay only 0.1 seconds (such as wave-particle), while others are as high as 0.4 seconds, 0.7 seconds, know more , at this point, contractors friends may be wondering why there is not the same as the same resolution latency it? because the digital surveillance cameras need to go through three processes, compression, transmission and decompression display. If a manufacturer is entirely dependent solution providers or a lack of ability to develop their own compression algorithms and core underlying technology capabilities, then the image compression, network transmission, decompression software efficiency will be left behind for others.

As we all know, the security industry monitoring and consumer digital cameras and traffic monitoring is not the same, it is impossible in low light when kept playing flash. So, to say, one million high-definition without illumination characteristics, application is extremely restricted. Encounter it dark, it becomes blind. Pixel high it no good. Especially civilian monitoring requirements for illumination higher than even some high-end monitoring project control environment is also complicated. Such as banking supervision, 24 hours strong lamp monitoring, conditions are very suitable.

As already mentioned the importance of illumination, but some manufacturers in order to improve security illumination, electronic door or frame slow accumulation, this trick is definitely will be greatly enhanced illumination effects, but also very obvious shortcomings, when the screen on moving objects, you will find people walking how would a ghost (trailing) it led to see clearly moving objects (people can not see it in action feature), moving objects blur. When the object still down in order to see clearly.

Infrared surveillance camera, not just in an ordinary machine Riga infrared light do? Many people think so. This idea seems to have little sense, but is it simple? Does not. If it really so simple, why the market can sell millions of high-definition infrared camera is very small? infrared high-definition, in addition to speaking truth to those analyzes, there are many details to be handled.

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