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Is This Our First Glimpse of The iPhone 8 Anniversary Edition?

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There’s no shortage of hype for the long-rumoured iPhone 8 anniversary edition, but solid leaks have been few and far between.

Fortunately, a new iPhone 8 leak has emerged that appears to depict the special edition iPhone 8 we’ve been hearing so much about. Tipster hub SlashLeaks has posted what’s claimed to beat a schematic for the iPhone 8.

Before we describe the leak, it’s important to mention that there’s absolutely no way to verify this schematic. Apple is keeping mum about upcoming iPhone handsets, and there’s no sourcing listed on the leak. As such, this could quite easily be a hoax based on rumours.

The good news is that the leaked schematic fits with what we’ve been hearing about the iPhone 8 so far. So even if this isn’t a legitimate leak, it’s still potentially a good representation of what might be in store from Apple’s next smartphone.

For instance, the Home button has been scrapped from the front of the phone, and the display now extends much further down. That’s probably the chief rumour about the iPhone, and has already been tipped by a number of reputable sources. It’s a similar design to what we’ve already seen from the LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 this year.

Probably the only non-rumoured change we can see from this schematic is that the dual-camera module has been flipped so that it’s now vertical. That’s in contrast to the iPhone 7 Plus, where the dual-camera module sits horizontally.

The theory is that Apple is plotting to release two normal iPhone 7S models, along with a special edition iPhone 8 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Apple smartphones. This phone will reportedly feature an OLED display and an all-screen front, and could cost north of £800, according to analysts.

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