Trade Resources Industry Trends Security of Digital Compression Chip Market Capacity May Break Through The 40 Million

Security of Digital Compression Chip Market Capacity May Break Through The 40 Million

According to market information, in 2011 the year of the security of digital compression chip market capacity has nearly 20 million, in 2012, has exceeded 30 million, according to current trends, in 2013, this figure is likely to break through the 40 million level .

Spawned a huge market capacity breakdown products. As the security chip market growth, security chip segmentation is imperative. And security industry has just started a few years ago when digitizing a single DSP chip compared to what security chip has been based on the different applications, subdivided into different categories, mainly in the following aspects:

DVR / NVR chips, such as Hisilicon Hi3515, Hi3520 used in embedded DVR products and embedded NVR products, mainly focused on multi-channel codec, multi-service management and high bit-rate storage needs, the current market these chips the largest one class chip, the main compression chip occupies about 60% of the number.

IPC chips used in network camera products, which is the last two years the product of IPC market matures, these chips focused on high compression, intelligent and ISP processing chip market capacity is not present such as DVR / NVR chip, but can be expected yes, some time later, these chips will occupy most of the security market share.

Auxiliary chip is mainly used for intelligence and ISP business to DSP and FPGA-based, the analog cameras , the kind used for DSP or FPGA chip ISP's a lot to be applied. And because intelligence analysis products currently on the market capacity is still in its infancy, intelligence analysis products for less amount of the DSP. With the IPC more integrated chips, these auxiliary function of the chip may eventually merge to the IPC chip.

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