Trade Resources Industry Trends An Estimated 1.05 Million LED Light Bulbs Will Be Sold in Taiwan

An Estimated 1.05 Million LED Light Bulbs Will Be Sold in Taiwan

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An estimated 1.05 million LED light bulbs will be sold in Taiwan by the end of this year, 2.7 folds more than last year's level, according to the non-profit Photonic Industry & Technology Development Association (PIDA).

The association ascribed the hefty growth mostly to recent hikes of electricity rates on the island, narrowed price gap between LED light bulbs and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), and much better lumen-watt performance of LED lamps than CFLs.

The association pointed out that bright market outlook has drawn many local manufacturers to branch out into LED light bulb production and build up brand name in the market.

PIDA's statistics show that there are over 20 LED bulb brands from local and international manufacturers in Taiwan's retail channels.

Taiwan's brand name suppliers include Everlight Electronics Co., Ltd., Delta Electronics Inc., Nan Ya Photonics Inc., Wellypower Optronics Corp., Bright LED Electronics Corp., Top Energy Saving System Corp., Neo Neon LED Lighting International Ltd., Tatung Corp., China Electric Mfg. Co., Ltd., BenQ Corp., Sampo Corp., Shih Kwang Lighting & Electric Co., Ltd. and Ritek Corp.

PIDA's studies show that these suppliers are mostly supplying bulbs rated from 6 to 12 watts as replacements for incandescent bulbs rated from 40 to 60 watts, with their luminous efficacy reaching between 40 and 100 lumens per watt. Unit price goes from NT$276 (US$9.2 at US$1: NT$30) to NT$1,426 (US$47.5) for a kilolumen, vs. the NT$1,012-2,220 (US$33-74) range for each kilolumen offered by international brand-name suppliers. Beaming angle ranges from 120 to 320 degrees on the lamps both from international and local suppliers.

China Electric's vice president, S.Y. Tung, pointed out that the company has projected to ship 600,000 LED bulbs this year, around five times last year's level. After rolling out 8W bulbs as replacements for 40W incandescent bulbs, the company plans to release 9W and 10W products in September as replacements for 60W incandescent lamps.

Backed up by brisk sales of LED lighting equipment, the company scored revenue of NT$4.09 billion (US$136 million) in the first seven months, an increase of 7.92% year on year. Industry executives estimated the company's revenue for 2012 to hit a record high of approximately NT$7 billion (US$233 million).

Tatung shipped over 200,000 LED light bulbs in the April-July period this year. After selling out all of the 50,000 8W bulbs it recently introduced in only few days, the company plans to roll out 10W bulbs soon. The company's president, W.Y. Lin Kuo, touted "2012 is Taiwan's starting year for LED lighting."

Everlight has made a splash with its branded 8W, NT$299 LED bulbs at President Chain Store Corp.'s 7-11 stores. Delta has similar success with B&Q stores.


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Sales of LED Bulbs in Taiwan Estimated to More Than Double YoY This Year
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