Trade Resources Industry Trends New MacBook Pro 2017: Release Date, Price, Specs, and News

New MacBook Pro 2017: Release Date, Price, Specs, and News

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New MacBook Pro 2017: All the release date, price, specs, and rumour news about Apple's next MacBook update.

Apple's big developer conference, WWDC 2017, is underway, and we've had several new announcements including a MacBook Pro refresh.

Here's what we know so far:

MacBook Pro 2017 – What's changed

The big change here is the addition of Kaby Lake processors. That's Intel's 7th generation chipset and means the entire MacBook Pro line has received a significant bump in processing power. A report from Bloomberg in mid-May suggested that's exactly what we would be getting, and it seems Apple has lived up to the rumours.

There’s also a new 13-inch MacBook Pro configuration, that comes sans Touch Bar but starts at the lower price of $1299. A lower-price MacBook Pro was something many people had been clamouring for, although it's not yet clear what cuts have been made to the specs to make this possible.

There's also been a bump in RAM – something Pro users have been asking for since the MacBook Pro was relaunched last year. There's now room for up to 32GB of RAM on the top-end 15-inch models.

Other than that, not much has changed. Previous reports suggested we'd see a new in-house chip that would improve low-power performance when the device is sleeping, but Apple mentioned no such thing during the WWDC Keynote.

That means the new MacBook Pro 2017 comes with all the same specs as existing models, from the Retina displays, Touch Bars on more expensive models and plenty of Thunderbolt 3 support.

We'll add more as we learn more.

New MacBook Pro 2017 Price and Release Date

As mentioned, the new MacBook Pros are available right now and the prices have changed. The 13-inch model is starting at $1,299 and the 15-inch starting at $2399. We're currently confirming UK pricing.

Stay tuned for all the latest from WWDC as TrustedReviews will be providing updates throughout the night.

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