Trade Resources Industry Trends Explore and Be Thrilled by The Best, Unique and Elegant Eliquid Flavors Offered by Halcyon

Explore and Be Thrilled by The Best, Unique and Elegant Eliquid Flavors Offered by Halcyon

Halcyon Vapors are ejuices made in the USA. Explore and be thrilled by the best, unique and elegant eliquid flavors offered by Halcyon.

These ejuices are available at various reputable vape stores and establishments. Regardless what vaping device you are using such as RDA, RBA, ecig mods, or variable voltage tanks, these ejuices will definitely make your vaping experience one of a kind.

Halcyon Vapors offer superb flavor, thick vapor, smooth throat hit, wide availability and competitive pricing. Halcyon eliquids are almost perfect, except that there are only few flavor options available and ejuices only have one PG/VG blend.

Halcyon is among the highly popular juice lines from southern California, which is virtually the eliquid capital of the US, perhaps the world. Its offered ejuices are very popular among the drippers because of the ideal 70VG/30PG blend. These ejuices, however, work well with just about anything from cartomizer tanks or to Kayfun.

Offered Flavors

Cran Ch’i offers a cranberry blend that tastes like no other. It is essentially cranberry juice with no tartness or bitterness. It is practically the best tasting eliquid ever made. You will notice that there is a sweet and light cranberry taste each time you inhale.

It is the part when you exhale that will make you remember how amazing this ejuice is. The natural cranberry taste will kick in along the throat hit.

Frosting has a taste similar to strawberry frosting of a cake. The emphasis is more on the sweet frosting instead of on the strawberry fruit. Many of the eliquids available in the market are of custard-style taste profile. Smooth and creamy is how this eliquid flavor will be discerned as you enjoy every puff of vapor.

It offers a finish like that of a cupcake. If you are into sweet treats, this is the flavor you will most likely enjoy. However, you would be disappointed if you are looking for something with extra strawberry goodness. Otherwise, you might just favor a strawberry-inspired ejuice.

Tango Down is a very tangerine eliquid. Yet, it is more than the tangerine because it has also been added with the sweet raspberry goodness. If you are searching for something refreshing during these hot summer days, this is the flavor you ought to order.

The sweet tangerine tastes like a glass of SunnyD, but better and sweeter. Citrus lovers will definitely enjoy this. Some will like this as they all day vape, but others will prefer it only occasionally.

Nombobz tastes slightly of candy mixed with citrus soda. It is like Sierra Mist added with Cactus Cooler with a little piece of bubble gum added to it. You will enjoy it even if you are really not into candy flavors because the lime-flavored bubble gum will surely pique your interest.

Dragon Ch’i has the wonderful tastes of pomegranate and dragon fruit. It is one of the newer flavors from Halcyon Vapors that was released only last August. It is sweet and succulent just like the dragon fruit and pomegranate. The tartness is only light just like the Cran Ch’i. This is a flavor that will keep fruit lovers entertained. Regardless if you are a fruit lover or not, this is certainly an all-day vape you will want to enjoy always.

Grape Gatsby has a strong grape candy that finishes off with some refreshing mint. There is nothing with a mentholated taste, but of refreshing spearmint taste. This ejuice combines grape candy that many of us used to enjoy when we were kids and blended again with a taste preference that we learned to love as we age: mint. It is more of the grape candy rather than the mint, though.

Apach’i offers the sweet and strong flavor of apricot plus fresh peach. It is the newest addition to the Halcyon product line that could easily become your all-around vape juice flavor.

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