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Cleaning Ideas that Delight a Grumpy Housewife

No one wants to live in a messy place, but at the same time, lots of people are so lazy to clean up their rooms. Cleaning and organizing stuff can be really tedious especially if you are not using the right tools and methods. Much time could have been saved with the following tips. It seems to be small details but small things matters. These tips may not apply to everyone, but it offers insight on how to make the cleaning more efficient.

Fitted Sheet
This will guarantee a smooth surface always, and protects your mattress better. Otherwise, your sheet would be in a muddle every time you have used it. You will spend time making it neat again by pulling every angle, which is a repeating job every day, which you could have spared yourself from.

Floor Cleaning Sprayer
With the sprayer, the chemical will be less easy to touch your hand. You save the trouble of soaking the floor cleaning cloth into the basin and washed it before soaking it the second time. And you don’t have to wear a working glove either. A tiny design changes your style of working and precious time.

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A Drying Stand in Rainy Season
If you are living in an all sunny season place, then you just ignore this part. If not, you will find this a lifesaver. One may say drying machinery is more efficient than this cheap stand, but sometimes I just like clothes to be slowly dried. Usually, this stand has temperatures of 40 degree which is good for the stuff to dry naturally. When not in rainy season, it could also be used as a normal self-stand shelf for putting your everyday clothes on.

Furniture Design Plain and Straight
Every housewife understands the pain of cleaning those holes or unreachable place in the furniture. So avoid buying or designing these things in your home. I prefer simple and elegant lines with functional storage design. Please also notice that this preference for furniture design is from the cleaning perspective. There were different tastes and styles of furnishing, as long as you feel enjoyable when cleaning them, it won’t be a problem.

Sofa Cover That Easily Changeable
It can be a big problem and when that happens, changing the sofa cover will be the last thing you want to do. Ask and try it before you buy any sofa. You don’t want to lie in a sofa that hasn’t been washed for a very long time.

Small cleaning haits would make a big difference and save big time. The last thing, don’t buy too many stuff that you actually don’t need or just won’t enjoy for too long. When it comes to clean and store them, you will face a big headache. A clean and organized lifestyle is what many people now find tempting since we already have too many things to attend to outside your home in modern society and home is your resting center from all of the hustle and noise of work and life.

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