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LED Display Industry Development Prospect Forecast

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In LED display industry has gone through a number of spring and autumn period, grope for the road will be delayed, will encounter many difficulties, but the future is full of hope, the LED display industry at present also is such, although there are a variety of difficulties, but to overcome a while now, in the next 10 years is bright beautiful future.

By 2015, China's LED display industry scale will reach 500 billion yuan. And for the failures of the led display industry, doors, top quality, popularization and industrial overcapacity in these situation, so how do you think of these phenomena, in the bureau, which must be going to cross the threshold of the LED display!

Now LED display industry appeared a herd phenomenon, appear "bad money by good money" phenomenon, of course, said some of the above situation. Some experts believe that this is a LED display industry the warring states period, this will eliminate some vendors, and leave some of the big companies only. Lies not in the current LED display industry excess capacity, but in the application client to have breakthrough, so the key is on application of the breakthrough.

Estimated the next 10 years will be a future LED display industry, the national big northwest, high-speed highway plan and plan for the future, this will be a powerful incentive factors. In order to better show the thrust of the policy, the policy need to ensure stability and rationality.

Stability; Support the policy can need not, so to avoid some companies formed dependence. Of course still need to give some support, otherwise easy to make the enterprise in developing out of balance.

Reasonableness; Policy support not on money for support, all of which can cause some enterprises are not for the money into the LED display industry for the industry, will affect the real industry enterprise, is unfavorable to the development of LED display.

This is an expert in the existing dilemma to certain opinions and views, only in this way, future development of the LED display industry is limitless, experts say at least 10 years there were no clouds, LED display industry a bright future!

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Ten Years LED Display Industry Development Prospect Forecast
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