Trade Resources Industry Trends Premier Precision Engineering Companies Are Certified with ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Premier Precision Engineering Companies Are Certified with ISO 9001:2008 Certification

Today's premier precision engineering companies are certified with ISO 9001:2008 certification. They have all the requisite resources to meet diverse commitments of various industries. Such commitments include the manufacture of precision parts for extrusion machines and those for customers that include the aerospace sector, automotive, power generation, medical, food & beverage, defense, medical and firearms.

Other commitments besides manufacture of precision components include tasks like gearbox repair, melt pump refurbishment, EDM machining and hole popping, laser measuring and extrusion barrel alignment and heavy metal testing. The incredible bandwidth of the diverse customers and different tasks that require precision of a high order requires the company to be embedded with complex and hi-value equipment. Such equipment will invariably comprise of Computer Numerical Control Machines of different kinds. These include not only the lathes and milling machines but also the more complex multi-tasking machines that can tackle both turning as well as milling operations.

The manufacture of extrusion parts, required for extrusion machines and others necessary in the textiles sector, include parts like aspirators and ceramic guides, idler rolls and interlacing jets, texturing jets besides thread up tools. There are various brands of extrusion machines for which precision parts maybe required. These brands include premier companies including Barmag, Cognesint Winders, Fare, Filteco, Mackie, Neumag, Plantex, Reiter, Sahm and STP/Impianti. Besides extrusion machines, precision parts are also necessary for air entanglement machines and these are the parts for Gilbos, Belmont and Neumag Air Entanglement. Similarly, for the heat set and twisting machine, parts are necessary for brands such as GVA, Superba, Sussen and Volkman. The Barmag extrusion machine parts include parts for Barmag Winder, Barmag Pump & Extruder, Barmag Guides, Pulley, Idler Rolls and Texturizer. Similarly, parts for Fare Machine include Hex Head Bushing and Pull Drive Roll while the Mackie parts include Thrust Coupling, Godet Nut Wrench, Mackie Pump Shaft and Mackie Cooling Drum Shaft.

There are customers that require Heavy Metal Testing to rule out the presence of high percentages of heavy metals such as lead, arsenic and others in metals and plastics produced by such customers. Heavy Metal Testing requires the use of XRF technology, a service that can be carried out either at the company or the customer's location. This test equipment can identify 350 standard alloys and gives detailed analysis of alloys not in the database. The files are admissible in a court of law. Get quality parts for all extrusion machines!

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