Trade Resources Industry Trends Some of The Electronic Cigars Offered by Ecigarette Brands in The UK

Some of The Electronic Cigars Offered by Ecigarette Brands in The UK

Not all tobacco smokers are into combustible cigarettes. Some smokers prefer using cigars because of the distinctive flavor and the longer smoking enjoyment that cigars offer. If standard electronic cigarettes or cigalikes are viable alternatives to regular cigarettes, electronic cigars are also feasible options for combustible cigars.

Below are some of the electronic cigars offered by ecigarette brands in the UK.

Vapestick VIGAR Disposable E-Cigar

Vapestick normally offers this for c15.99, but you can now enjoy 20% off when you purchase this Vigar. This electronic cigar can produce up to 1,800 puffs of distinctive cigar flavor. Each device comes with Vapestick’s signature Blue tip. Yu can have Vigar in 1.8% or 0% nicotine.

Appearance-wise, this e-cigar looks just like a large expensive cigar. The taste and the experience it offers are definitely authentic. You can enjoy it at home or in a restaurant if allowed by the management.

It produces neither offensive smell nor the thousands of toxic elements that real cigars and cigarettes emit when they are lit. When you use it in public, people would most likely not mistake you for a disobedient citizen because the tip will glow blue instead of red with a real cigar.

It is powered by a 1300mAh battery that you can use the unit for as long as 150-200 sticks of cigarettes. 200 cigarettes could cost up to Construction80 so the Construction12.79 discounted price is really cost-effective. This is a single use e-cigar so you need not recharge the battery or refill the cartomizer with ejuice.

Totally Wicked Eliquid Large Soft Bodied Luxury Disposable E-Cigar

Once offered at Construction9.99, you can now avail it for only Construction7.89. This disposable electronic alternative for a cigar has a soft body and glowing tip that will deliver a familiar experience of smoking a real cigar.

It can also deliver a flavor that is distinctive of real cigars. Each puff will simply taste like the real premium grade cigar. It is as long as the Corona cigar; powered by a 0300mAh battery and filled with 5 ml of TW’s Titan eliquid.

This TW E-cigar can produce up to 1800 puffs. It is a great vaping companion during special occasions, celebration or even pokr nights with friends. It is available in 18 mg nicotine. This e-cigar measures 154mm x 18mm. You can purchase it in packs of three or as Panatella ecigar.

Liberro Corona Grandes

This can be yours for Construction13. It is not just a perfect product for personal use. It is also a great gift option for a cigar smoker on his birthday, on Christmas and even during parties. Each e-cigar measures about 6 inches long and will arrive to you with pre-charged battery and pre-filled with eliquid.

Each e-cigar has 1.8% nicotine and Cuban cigar flavor. It can also produce up to 1000 puffs of satisfying vape experience. It also has this realistic ash like end, a soft grip tip and lifelike tobacco leaf print. It is powered by a 1300mAh battery.

Nicolites Electronic Cigar

This classy Cuban style e-cigar can provide up to 1000 puffs. It is offered at a price of £14.95.This electronic alternative to real cigar is equivalent to 5 packs of combustible cigarettes.

This device features the same powerful technology of Nicolites electronic cigarette technology and wrapped in Cuban style packaging. This product offers a real leaf sensation that you can hold it with utmost comfort and use it with supreme ease.

You will also approve of its authentic Cuban taste so you can actually enjoy a real smoking experience. Yet, unlike real cigars, using this product will not expose you to the same harms of smoking like tars, toxins and other harmful chemicals. One Nicolites e-cigar can produce up to 1000 puffs.

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