Trade Resources Industry Trends LED Display Industry Has Been Recently Reported The Development Direction

LED Display Industry Has Been Recently Reported The Development Direction

LED display industry has been recently reported more jun state collapse, profits fell to the bottom, let everybody worry for the future development of the industry. After the incident of shuffling, industry will be to the specification. The future of the LED display market space is still very large.

LED to the development of experienced "smooth - development - peak trough - mature period" five process. But due to the current quality situation of the domestic LED display, and the way the market bargain concern, the early stage of the blind devotion to the industry brings great influence, cause the whole industry market is very chaotic, because do not pay attention to quality and quality, pursuit of low price, the pursuit of profit, the electronic display form in the next one to two years will be a heap of electronic waste, unable to deal with.

These conditions from the domestic many large cities anticipated in electronic screen. "And in a city of nearly two years on some of the LED display items will market is a mess, market need high quality high-definition screens. LED display is mainly divided into raw materials, technology, the installation of three pieces. "The main raw material for chip, its technology is improved a lot, you can apply the midrange. Instead of in process and install link needs to do more work."

It is reported that in addition to the raw materials, process and installation has thirty percent costs. Technology is the important link, including design and technology, if technology is not good, after loading in the first half of the LED display, will be a lot of problems, advertising company issues.

The current key link is to install the LED electronic display screen, installation is the key to welding. LED large screen by millions and tens of millions of lamp join together, very difficult to ensure that 100% of precision. Welding requires a number of professional installation personnel, in order to ensure the smoothness and seal degree. It is understood that the current domestic haven't installed with LED display certification enterprises. The story, on the one hand is because qualification is very difficult to apply, involving safety, security and other certification. On the other hand is to the national standard has not yet come.

Because there are no standards and norms governing the enterprises, from quality, although some domestic many LED display now, but the quality not up to par. To make the quality guaranteed, the part of the screen enterprises to extend shelf life, some of them are life-long protection. "In addition, the domestic cities, the installed many LED display, but the market is not saturated. The second class cities and three types of city is just a preliminary penetration, the future market space is huge. If hair group think the expiration of the LED display is not before, so the high quality, high resolution LED screen potential development space is very big, will be the future of the LED display.

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The Development Direction of Chinese LED Display
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