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Electronic Cigarettes Are Good to Quit Smoking

"Electronic cigarettes are good to quit smoking because nicotine dependence, to protect them." So the family physician Maria Martin -? "You all know that new forms of smoking" Rabadán is bluntly at the meeting, held on Thursday and place in magazine Terrer Estela, a nurse from the center of Vila said the mobile application as Whatssap "can help smokers quit this addiction.

Martin - Rabadán began his speech with an encouraging message: "Every time you quit smoking, you will succeed." Know how difficult it is to leave the snuff this doctor was a resounding rejection of the electronic cigarettes as an alternative to traditional cigarettes. "These new devices contain nicotine, which is toxic, even more addictive than heroin," said Martin, Rabadán, notes that as a result of these new cigarettes, many smokers have started "vaping". "Electronic cigarettes can prevent this addiction is terminated, and to encourage the young stopper on these products, which may be caused by the taste to attract and false sense of security 'try, if this doctor.

In addition, the meeting also attended by the head of Miss Chan tuberculosis hospital, Antonio Cascales, the harmful effects of treatment snuff roles and Adrian Dr. Ma Diao, "smoker" figure who introduced are those people who occasionally allowed to smoke.

Cascales said that the most effective measures to reduce the number of smokers is "raise taxes snuff." Snuff when his speech began to roll, and explained that this may be because it contains higher levels of nicotine addiction, according to research from the Research Center and quality control of the National Institute of consumption data. Harmful than traditional "law allows a maximum of 1 mg of nicotine in each cigarette, is the amount of snuff overcome by the Rolling Stones," the expert said. He also criticized all major brands of snuff in Spain only 33% said the role of tar and nicotine content of their products.

Meanwhile, Matt dedicated his speech to the "social drinkers" who smokes roll and friends surrounded by stressful situations. "This is the man, when you accepted him a cigar," the doctor, who wants to make it clear that the nuances of "Do not snuff consumption is good for health."

In short, Terrer nurse explained the pilot quit the application of new technologies and the use of nicotine loose WhatsApp results. Terrer told reporters that patients who took the initiative of creating a number of WhatsApp to maintain session outside contact. "This group is used to send a message of encouragement and has been very effective for them," Assessment of the patient, Jose, one of his patients, seminar invitation: "We still have a support group for us," said former smokers person.

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Electronic Cigarettes Are Good to Quit Smoking Because Nicotine Dependence