Trade Resources Industry Trends Now,It Offers Vapin Plus as an Addition to Its Great Product Range

Now,It Offers Vapin Plus as an Addition to Its Great Product Range

21st Century Smoke electronic cigarettes are driven by technology to provide the same satisfaction from smoking a traditional cigarette with no tobacco smoke's harms and inconveniences. Now, it offers Vapin Plus as an addition to its great product range.

Vapin Plus Liquid Vaporizer Pen

For only $24.99, you will get a 5v 650mAh battery, a 2.5 ml tank atomizer without wick and a USB charger.

This 21st Century Smoke pen is the latest way of smoking. The battery can be activated simply by pushing the recessed button. The push button is designed this way so accidental activation could be avoided. This button must be pressed within 1.5 seconds for three times to lock/unlock it. You will know the battery has been activated when you see the LED light flashing three times. You will know that the vaporizer pen is functional if the light at the bottom lights up with each use.

The battery was designed with safety chip to prevent overcharging. It is also equipped with auto shutoff feature wherein it will automatically turn off when the button is pressed for 10 seconds, the LED light will flash 8 times before shutting down.

The tank atomizer is also easy to clean and maintain. Just remove the atomizer housing from its tank. Turn tank upside down to remove the remaining unit. Clean your atomizer with hot water and cotton swab. Clean tank with another swab.

When refilling the tank with eliquid, make sure it is not overfilled. It is best to clean the atomizer after every use. Its life expectancy is 2-3 months and must not be used longer than 3 months. Improper use and maintenance will shorten the life expectancy of the atomizer.

Refilling the tank is easy too. Hold the vaporizer by its atomizer housing and unscrew the tank fr4om the housing. The mouthpiece must be down when you hold the tank. Place the ejuice bottle's needle nose against the interior of the tank and start refilling. Be sure that the center cylinder does not get any drop of eliquid.

The battery needs to be charged before using it. In recharging, the battery must be screwed into the charger. At first, you will see the LED light flashing three times and then it will continue charging for 2 hours. Once it has reached full charge, its LED light will flash 20 times and then turn off.

Just like all other products from 21st century, this atomizer pen is also offered and sold only to legal aged consumers at least 18 years old. The company also warns and reminds users to keep this product away from reach of small children. If accidentally swallowed or exposed, it is best to see the doctor.

This vaporizer's pen like other electronic cigarettes and other electronic gadgets could leak, explode or cause burns if used improperly. Make sure you install, charge, disassemble and use it accordingly. Exposure to high temperature, fire and water could similarly cause the same battery hazards. Batteries must not be carried loose in the purse or pocket. Proper disposal of electronic batteries according to the federal, state and local laws is encouraged.

Vapin Plus Eliquid

Every 15 ml bottle of this juice can be bought for $7.99. 21st Century Smoke offers free shipping for orders exceeding $25. Products ordered before 12 PM CST will be shipped on the same day.

Available flavors are Blueberry, Cappuccino, Cherry, Chocolate, Cool Menthol, Cigar/Rugged, Grape, Peach, Rich Tobacco, Strawberry and Vanilla.

You may also choose to have this item automatically delivered to your address on a monthly basis. Monthly auto ship costs $7.59 so you get a 5% discount.

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