Trade Resources Industry Views This Ferrari SUV Crossover Could Be Here as Soon as 2021

This Ferrari SUV Crossover Could Be Here as Soon as 2021

Ferrari is tipped to be working on an SUV crossover, and we might even have our first glimpse of the car’s slick and sporty design.

It seems like everyone is building an SUV these days, spurred on by the rapid growth of the category. But we’d always felt safe in the knowledge that Ferrari would stick to what it knows best – heinously expensive supercars more suited to a race circuit than a school run.

But it seems even Ferrari might not be able to avoid banking on the skyrocketing demand for sports utility vehicles, as a new report suggests the company is readying an SUV of its very own.

In the latest issue of the UK’s Car Magazine, it’s claimed that Ferrari is planning to launch a luxury SUV crossover as soon as 2021, and that it will feature a hybrid engine. The car, which is reportedly codenamed ‘F16X’, has even had its supposed design been recreated by a digital artist for the magazine.

The “five-door high-riding coupe”, as Car Magazine describes it, is said to be a direct competitor to Lamborghini’s own upcoming Urus luxury SUV and the beefy Aston Martin DBX.

The new car is tipped to feature all-wheel drive and will run on a hybrid powertrain, making it Ferrari’s first petrol-electric car since the LaFerrari.

The bad news is the price; in typical Ferrari fashion, the cost of buying a Ferrari SUV looks likely to be through the roof. According to anonymous insiders, the car will be priced at an incredible €300,000, which works out at around £265,000 – ouch!

We should also mention that Ferrari hasn’t confirmed any such rumours, so take this latest leak with a pinch of salt. It’s entirely possible that Ferrari has no plans for an SUV crossover, and even if it does, 2021 is a long way off and those plans could certainly change.

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