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360 Mobile Phone Coach Took: Luckily We Got The Brake in Time

At the beginning of December, the first mobile phone as the 360 head of the media, Li Kaixin is a bit nervous, during the pause times. He who was born Zhu Fanghao research. But in the mobile phone business in 360 before Zhu Fanghao is now vice president of the 360 group of Li Wang, he also from cool.

Li Kaixin joined HUAWEI in 1996, began in 2005 as vice president of HUAWEI China mobile phone sales, the last position is vice president of HUAWEI glory sales. He is also one of the recently attracted attention of HUAWEI series members. The same held positions as vice president of sales Peng Jinzhou to partner joined Wang Feng founder of the FILL headset, some time ago the suspect came cooperation has changed; Hua Yuan Wu Dezhou as vice president of product line for the glory of mobile phone hardware business in the hammer technology; honor Hua Yuan, President Liu Jiangfeng is in charge of the music was cool after the merger.

360 Mobile Phone Coach Took: Luckily We Got The Brake in Time

Main safe 360 mobile phone

Zhu Fanghao under 360 established Q, N, mobile phone F, three product lines, the main Jingdong, Tmall online channel; two years ago with millet price strategy of small profits. From now on, these strategies are correct or not, in fact, is to be discussed. But at least 360 mobile phone business to survive, in the home tore a small piece of cake, 5 million (Department) sales, even if these two days to see mobile phone Jingdong selling list, you can see its flagship products in recent 360 N4s figure. Li Kaixin said, the company is safe and healthy operation of the company, cash flow is abundant, there is no short-term funding pressures and financing needs:

We do not have any problems with the upstream suppliers, we are very healthy business cooperation, we do not have the money owed to suppliers or funds can not pay, these problems do not exist.

360 mobile phone turmoil this year, the domestic mobile phone also experienced a big shake.

Some weekdays do not care even less optimistic about the brand more and more often appear in the media public opinion, but also often in the major market research institutions, the number of shipments in the statistical report strong. The original young brand ushered in high and vigorous spirits are in dire straits, only through a slew of looks identical products of similar configuration, mad brush presence. It seems the only way to force the transmutation and forgetful network era left some micro imprint, only Meizu released 14 new mobile phone, just a few days ago with a red end sales of cheap products Charm Blue Note 5 ended his concert this year.

But this one, you can remember a few, it may be the blessing of the HUAWEI P9, Leica descent Mate 9, may be advertising and variety show OPPO R9s and vivo X9 of brainwashing, may also be praise and controversy of the vivo Xplay6. And the location of the 360 mobile phone in this list is not very good. But this does not prevent it from being the cardinal Zhou Hongyi tune a bloody fight hard.

Here that the "hard" refers to the low price strategy.For any one of the emerging mobile phone brands in terms of life has become a key word in 2016. Recently, the ailing music was first discovered is the mobile phone supply chain problem of arrears, the reason is caused by the low price subsidies hardware strategy tight liquidity. Cost is a double-edged sword, the greater the loss, the greater the loss. But the emerging brands to gain a foothold, but also only with the rapid delivery of millet price route. At the same time, the demographic dividend gradually subsided, the time window is more and more narrow. Phone fight is the price, but also in the race against time.

And for the next year to 360 mobile phone how to go, Li Kaixin gives a somewhat vague answer, with a healthy Internet phone model to go down, we want to make money. "It is clear that he wants to focus on products, make the products more sense of design, more texture; on the other hand, attention to user experience," I also firmly believe that users will be quality, quality products, excellent experience to pay."

That is to say, next, puerile mode is no longer suitable for mobile phone 360. This also corresponds to the quarter of 2016 after the second quarter of the hardware products free, low-cost strategy reflection:

Return to the nature of the business, to make money with high quality products.This is our time in nearly half a year to reflect on the issue, but also our next term principle cannot be illusory phenomena become dizzy with success. The nature of business, only a business to survive, to survive, to develop, and ultimately to provide more value for your users. For this user is recognized, consumers are recognized, this is our next principle and the main direction.

Of course, this does not mean that we do not see the high cost of the 360 mobile phone. In December 9th, Bai Li Feng announced the completion of the A round of financing, capital has become the second largest shareholder of Qihoo 360. While in the same period, one hundred Li Feng announced the first three quarters of 2016 sales have more than 13 million units, the annual target shipments of 20 million, in 2017 the strategic target of 30 million units in the next 3 years to complete the 90 million target sales.

This is a card Zhou Hongyi and Li Kaixin have not revealed. And we also want to know, in the eyes of a Internet Co doing network security started, there is a sense of quality and design of mobile phone products will be what it looks like.

Figure 360 mobile phone President Li Kaixin.

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