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Higer Electrical Truck Helps Logistics Delivery

The quick development of express delivery industry is obvious with the thriving of E-commerce recently. Not only the express delivery business but also the bulk cargo transportation in various cities are increasingly growing. While, correspondingly, people who are specialized in logistics transportation is also increasing greatly in cities. Some professional person said that the electrical truck will have a promising market with the thriving of shopping on internet and the quick developing of logistics transportation in cities.

Not only the amount of electrical truck was increased, but also new operation modes of electrical truck were created in 2015. The advantages including lower cost and environmental protection will be more obvious for the supporting of national policies and the favor of great amount of users in 2016. The electrical truck will be thrived this year. The effectiveness of using electrical truck has been showed in Shanghai City. The expectation that building environmental friendly delivery eco-cycle on the basis of electrical truck is more apparent.

“Carnival of Shopping On Internet” Increases the Pressure of Express Delivery, Higer Electrical Truck Solve the Problem of Express Delivery One “Carnival of Shopping on Internet” after another brings the peak of demand of express delivery when the festivals including “Double Eleventh” and “Goddess Festival”, etc. comes every year.

The delivery between first-class delivery center of various big cities are mainly highway, airplane and railway. The delivery tools used between delivery center and distributing center are mainly minibus and mini van truck. The tools used for end delivery are mainly motorbike and electrical tricycle. The advantages including timely, fastness and convenience of logistics transportation in various cities were lost for the strict limitation of entering central areas of various cities and the policy of forbidding motorbikes. And the cost of express delivery has been increased.

The one aspect is that customers do not have good experience of purchasing products as the long delivery time, on the other aspect, the hardship that couriers has been experiencing under such kind of situation. Couriers rode tricycle even electrical bike to deliver goods. They shuffles in the truck fleet in various cities even in bad weather conditions in the past. What’s worse, they also need to worry that whether their goods will be stolen. This, to great extent, lowered the safety level and comfortability.

The using frequency of truck is high, the using cost is low, no more worries during the process of delivery, the safety level of couriers and goods is high after choosing Higer electrical truck. Moreover, “Zero Emission” meet the high demand of environmental protection in big cities. Besides, the problem of express delivery was effectively solved for the supporting of policies. And it gradually has the ability to make interests.

Many cities including Beijing, Tianjin and Hangzhou, etc. has been limiting the using of tricycle and electrical tricycle with the growing development of logistics delivery and the increasingly enhancement of demand of environmental protection and energy saving. The using of electrical truck can not only improve the traffic order, but also reduce the pollution, as well las enhance the efficiency of express delivery. The using of electrical truck in transferring and the end process will be the main transport manner for most express delivery enterprises to finish “The Last-Kilometer Delivery”.

Shanghai Advocates the Using of New-energy Truck, Higer Electrical Truck Wins Favor for Environmental Protection and Great Power

The express delivery is one of the most important developing area of the logistics transportation industry in Shanghai City. As the emission standards of trucks are low. And the percent of those trucks whose emission standards are China IV or lower than China IV. Multiple measures are taking to promote the important enterprises to develop environmental friendly logistics transportation to better manage the logistics delivery industry from the sources.

Those trucks whose emission standards are lower than China IV will not be provided with pass check in Shanghai City from January, 1th, 2016. Those trucks purchased after April, 1th must meet the China V Emission Standards or new-energy goods transportation trucks is another choice. Meanwhile, Shanghai will enhance the standards that provides pass check for goods transportation trucks entering the center areas, and to certain degree, enhances the quotas of goods transportation pass check to the center areas for those logistics delivery enterprises in important cities to lead the logistics delivery enterprises to use those trucks conforming to the environmental protection standards. Moreover, Shanghai will also fasten the final-end delivery service standardization pace in cities based on the new-energy trucks, and further fasten implementation of new-energy trucks.

Higer electrical truck has won great favor from those people who are specialized in logistics transportation, and has become the first choice of final-end logistics delivery in Shanghai City. Besides, the new energy solution programs of “Environmental Protection Steward” provided by Higer supplies customers with comprehensive solution programs which free customers from the trouble of purchasing, operation and service.

Shanghai Jietai New-energy Automobile Service Co., Ltd.(thereafter shorted as Jietai New-energy) is a professional supplier of solution grogram of new-energy logistics transportation truck. Its electrical passenger car and logistics delivery trucks are highly meet the demand of customers. Liao Xiaohua, the general manager of Jietai New-energy said, the 4.2-meter Higer Little Starfish electrical logistics delivery truck which is mainly promoted by Higer has strong maneuverability and high flexibility. What’s more, it has bid space and strong power. Its biggest loading capacity is 680 kg. The leasing fee is just equal to the fuel cost of ordinary logistics transportation trucks. By comparison, customers do not need the investment at the beginning, neither do they need to worry about the management, maintenance and the spared truck, etc.. Its obvious that Higer can save a lot of cost for customers. Great amounts of express delivery enterprises, affected by many advantageous factors including the support of government, the big demands from market and the advantages of the brand, went to Higer to order the new-energy trucks. And many couriers also hopes that they can use the “Logistics Delivery Trucks Used by Famous Stars” as soon as possible.

Gao Zhenxing, the strategic development supervisor of Jietai New-energy said, the electrical logistics transportation truck can greatly reduce the frequency of forwards and backwards for couriers and effectively improve the operation efficiency for its low operation cost, comfortable driving and high safety level of anti-theft. The application of Higer new-energy logistics delivery truck in professional service truck and the final delivery of various express delivery enterprises is especially suitable for solving the problem of final-end delivery in the E-commerce market which has been thriving in recent years.

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