Trade Resources Industry Views ThreeMain Reduces Plastic Packaging by 80%

ThreeMain Reduces Plastic Packaging by 80%

ThreeMain announced that it has launched its Kickstarter campaign, giving early adopters a discount on their ThreeMain Blue membership.

ThreeMain delivers home cleaning products that protect your health and home, while saving our oceans, right to your door

Kickstarter memberships will accelerate ThreeMain's mission to change the household cleaning industry with its innovative formulas and aluminum bottles that dramatically reduce plastic usage. ThreeMain believes that green is no longer good enough. 

With a strong leadership team in place, ThreeMain is poised to make an impact in a growing market. ThreeMain's founder and CEO, Joe Budzienski brings a successful track record and start-up expertise to the company. In 2012 Budzienski founded Gozaik, an innovative technology company which was acquired by Monster Worldwide in 2014.

Budzienski is returning to his cleaning roots with the launch of ThreeMain—at age 23 he started a home  cleaning business to pay off his student loans; during that time Budzienski realized improvements needed to be made in the types of products and chemicals people were using in their homes. 

The serial entrepreneur is now dedicated to developing cleaning products that are simple, sustainable and effective.

"We're excited to announce our Kickstarter program and offer consumers household cleaners that reduce plastics, and are safer and more effective than other products currently on the market," said Budzienski.

"With so many cities and countries moving away from plastic bags, straws and water-bottles, we want to do our part to reduce the amount of plastic used by household cleaners. By using ThreeMain's aluminum cleaning bottles, our members will eliminate more than 80 percent of plastic purchased through traditional cleaning products."

According to a report released by the World Economic Forum and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, with McKinsey & Company, ninety one percent of plastic is never recycled, and our oceans are close to having more plastic than fish.

ThreeMain recognizes that driving change is a collaborative effort and has designed its products and packaging with a cleaner ocean in mind. In addition to its eco-friendly packaging, ThreeMain will contribute one percent of its annual membership sales to the Rozalia Project.

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