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Glenmorangie Astar Returns with a Limited-Edition Release

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Scottish distillery Glenmorangie has re-introduced in limited edition, its Astar, a single malt whisky, matured in designer oak casks.

The designer casks have been made from the oak found in Ozark mountains of Missouri. These casks are claimed to be designed to impart the wood’s maximum flavour to the spirit.

Glenmorangie stated that oak casks in which whisky is matured has a vital role to play, in terms of quality of the final spirit.

The company's past expertise in whisky casks has helped it in creating a better design which can directly influence the whisky’s taste and aromas.

The company claims that for the purpose of storing Astar whisky, it chose casks made from slow-growth oak trees, for their porous structure. Staves were cut from these oaks to the company’s specifications and were left to season in open air for about two years. This type of seasoning, as per the company adds hints of vanilla and crème brulée to the spirit.

After the oak casks were coopered, they were gently toasted to further give out the flavours of almond and coconut. Then, they were filled with bourbon and were set aside to mature for four years to smooth away rawness.

Finally, they were emptied and sent to Scotland, where they were used by Glenmorangie’s spirit for a long and slow maturation.

Glenmorangie Distilling, Whisky Creation & Whisky Stocks Director Dr Bill Lumsden said: “At Glenmorangie we are always searching for perfection – and The Astar’s first release, entirely matured in our designer casks, was a momentous step on our journey.

“I’m delighted to be able to share the 2017 release with more single malt lovers – and to celebrate with them the whisky’s wonderfully creamy, spicy aromas and silky tastes of soft fruit smothered with vanilla custard.”

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