Trade Resources Industry Views Evergreen Packaging Introduces Sentinel Renewable Ice Cream Board

Evergreen Packaging Introduces Sentinel Renewable Ice Cream Board

Evergreen Packaging has introduced new Sentinel renewable ice cream board, as part of its efforts to offer more renewable product options to the customers.

It will be offered as part of the Sentinel paper and paperboard line, and will use sugarcane-based polyethylene supplied by Braskem.

The company has designed the new renewable ice cream board to be used in retail food packaging applications.

The new product is a combination of renewable paperboard and renewable sugarcane-based polyethylene, making it an advanced renewable board option for ice cream packaging

Evergreen Packaging global board sales managing director Chris Johns said: "For our customers, this is a product that runs dependably and seamlessly like other forms of polyethylene coated stock and provides an excellent print surface.”

Evergreen is developing advanced fiber-based products to help customers meet their business goals and sustainability preferences of consumers.

Other products from the company include Sentinel food service board and cupstock, Sentinel food grade packaging board, and Sentinel flexible packaging paper. 

These products can be used in a range of food service and food packaging application, including cups, trays, plates, ovenable board, cartons, flexible packaging and box liners.

In addition, the products can be used in a wide range of other formats.

Burd and Fletcher chief sales officer John Nycklemoe said: "We believe that the introduction of our Envy Ice Cream container will not only assist with the growing sustainability movement in the frozen dairy market, but also contribute to solidifying consumers brand loyalty by providing more eco-friendly options at shelf.”

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