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DS Smith Collaborates with Aspect Exhibitions for Automechanika

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DS Smith collaborated with sustainable exhibition packager Aspect Exhibitions for the design, supply and build of the “One DS Smith” exhibition stand for Automechanika.

Working with Aspect Exhibitions allowed DS Smith to share a commitment to sustainability through the whole process by minimising impact through design, production and recycling.

Traditionally, custom built exhibition stands can result in high levels of waste in comparison to modular solutions, but the DS Smith stand was designed with reusability in mind. The structure was finished in laminate, providing a high quality finish which meant that large volumes of graphics did not need to be thrown away and reduced the volume of waste from show to show. Energy efficient LED lighting was utilized to reduce power consumption.

Normally, the carpet is thrown away at the end of a show because it’s not suitable or designed to be reused, instead, the carpet was repurposed by using it to protect the stands in transport and storage to save on using new protective packing materials.

To further improve their sustainability process, Aspect Exhibitions invested in a sustainable Biomass Heating system designed to reduce carbon emissions, gas consumption and provide drier, cleaner air to improve workplace conditions. This wood fuelled heating system recycles locally-produced wood waste from unwanted exhibition stands, workshop offcuts and sawdust into a valuable resource.

DS Smith is building a better business, focused on delivering sustainable value through all facets, and that includes exhibitions and tradeshows.

DS Smith recognises that our operations have both direct and indirect impacts which is why working toward minimising their impact from design to production, supply to recycling is vital. Partnering with Aspect Exhibitions allowed DS Smith to showcase their commitment to sustainability in what can often be considered an unsustainable aspect to business.

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