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Tresu Group Introduces New Multicolor Flexo Printing Unit

Tresu Group has introduced a new multicolor flexo printing unit, developed to apply patterns to non-woven disposable sanitary napkins.

The new unit will apply patterns on the inside of the product, and works alongside other converting processes on the napkin product line.

Customised to the specifications of the production line, the printing unit features four water-based colors, hot air dryer and register guidance camera at the embossing point.

With speeds of up to 400m per minute, the register guidance system is said to bring synchronisation of the printed pattern with the crease in the centre of the napkin.

The unit holds capacity to print on non-woven materials between 15 and 22gsm, specifically pre-perforated PE polymers.

To maintain accuracy across the production run, the control module influences the servo motors by using the converting machine interface signals as point of reference.

The integration unit is comprised of firm’s iCon ink supply system with automatic cleaning that helps to constantly feed the printing units and maintain optimum viscosity, temperature and pressure

Sealed and pressure-controlled chambered doctor blade systems allow direct and foam-free transfer of ink or coating to the anilox rollers.

Tresu Solutions vice president Allan Sander said: "Consumers are increasingly seeking assurance about the quality of their products, and research has shown that there is stronger loyalty to napkin brands with recognisable printed designs such as icons or logos  printed on the fabric.

“Tresu’s customised printing integration   system enables the personal hygiene industry to achieve this, while maintaining a cost-controlled, flexible, single-pass operation.”   

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