Trade Resources Industry Views The Inventor of The Iron Bar Did Not Get 500 Million of The Patent Fee Is Expected to Continue The Life of The Country

The Inventor of The Iron Bar Did Not Get 500 Million of The Patent Fee Is Expected to Continue The Life of The Country

The Inventor of The Iron Bar Did Not Get 500 Million of The Patent Fee Is Expected to Continue The Life of The Country

In December 3, 2016, Hebei Qinhuangdao, Beidaihe Fumin road batie stands alone in the shed, the body covered with a thick layer of dust. Oriental IC chart

Bai Danqing Song Youzhou's iron and iron disputes: 500 million patent fees did not pay, expect the country to continue the life of the project

The dispute triggered widespread public widebody overhead trolley project "batie" in August this year, is now facing the dilemma.

Recently, Pakistan Iron Technology Development Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Pakistan Railway Technology) test vehicle" is located in Qinhuangdao Beidaihe District No. 1, iron bar "has been found for several months did not move, the body covered with thick dust. Surging news  reporter from Pakistan tkj senior office was informed that the investors are reluctant to invest, the company capital chain rupture, in various parts of the project have been shut down.

"All the work that needs to be driven by money has stopped." An insider told the surging news reporter, the company started from late 11 in a semi shutdown of the abnormal state, the company's people have been out of the".

From the technical feasibility of the discussion, to the investment side suspected of illegal financing of the question, the Palestinian iron from entering the public view is full of controversy. In this process, the owner of the iron bar Bai Danqing and investor Song Youzhou, has been in the eyes of the storm in controversy.

A source close to the surging news reporter said, after Song Youzhou and Dan White form cooperation, Song Youzhou once gave Bai Danqing $500 million patent transfer fee requirements, the two sides reached an agreement, but has failed to deliver.

But Song Youzhou did not get to the bottom, or his emphasis on surging news reporters, "just want to get out of the car in the morning."

500 million yuan iron and iron patent fees

Bai Danqing and the Ba tie is in November 2015, he promised to invest for the invention of Song Youzhou. And in December 24, 2015, 1 months after the registration of the establishment of the Palestinian iron item company - iron and steel technology. Pakistan iron technology registered capital of 100 million yuan, of which, Bai Danqing subscribed 90 million, Zhu Hongbin subscribed 10 million yuan.

Previously, Song Youzhou made clear to the surging news that has a number of patents related to iron bar outright transfer to Dan white.

In December 7th, Song Youzhou introduced to the surging news reporters on the phone, in about November 2015, he signed a patent transfer contract with Bai Dan, pay a patent transfer fee of 500 million yuan to Song Youzhou in instalments Bai Danqing agreed to Pakistan iron vehicle upon the completion of the full pay. But as of now, Bai Danqing, a transfer fee is not paid.

For this view, surging news failed to contact Bai Danqing to comment.

It is said that it is this transfer agreement, to promote the Qinhuangdao iron 1 test line in early August this year launched in a hurry, the results provoke a wide range of questions.

Song Youzhou was born in Heilongjiang production and Construction Corps, known as the "civil inventor", only primary school education. Its Baidu encyclopedia shows that he has nearly 50 patents (there are reports, also known as 120 a number of valid patents). In Pakistan iron before, he is most proud of the invention include fireworks -- a compressed gas jet out fine colorful paper celebration supplies for power, and parking, theft arrest net etc..

A song and Youzhou worked with Pakistan iron technical staff said that he felt the surging news reporters, Song Youzhou with an eager to change the mentality of the patent. After the song Youzhou is indeed doing: he has to seek cooperation and transfer of patents, the establishment of the company's path, his small invention realized.

Song openings on the white to 500 million, Bai Danqing how to say is also a businessman, how it will be so easily promised, there must be something out to let him go and government or other investors to talk about cooperation. So Song Youzhou crustily skin of head to find Changzhou KTK, engage in a test car so it neither fish nor fowl." The above technical staff said.

Public information, this group is a Changzhou rail transit vehicles and equipment research and development, production based, diversified business conglomerate. The main products are high speed EMU, city rail transit vehicle and train interior equipment series, control, power supply vehicle, electric control box, lighting, windshield, seats, door series, cab, car video and passenger information system, platform screen door etc..

"There must be a contradiction between the two." Informed sources told the surging news reporter said, "because Song Youzhou has not got the transfer fee, Bai Danqing also think that the song got that thing to deceive people lead to negative evaluation."

The Inventor of The Iron Bar Did Not Get 500 Million of The Patent Fee Is Expected to Continue The Life of The Country_1

Song Youzhou said nothing about the patent fee to chase

Although more than a year Song Youzhou did not get a penny from the white picture at the transfer fee, but when a reporter asked whether the chase to the money, and whether Bai Danqing had a quarrel, Song Youzhou has repeatedly evasive: "now this (Chase) is not important, I never thought the worst, just want to get to the car made."

The relevant technical personnel management, Pakistan Pakistan iron iron technology in R & D, and the local government of Qinhuangdao has confirmed to reporters that the project difficult work, but Song Youzhou insists that, despite the lack of money is the fact that the progress of the project has not been the slightest impact, "test line in Beidaihe every week to week, Zhongche group below the factory has just had to examine."

He also told reporters that the Palestinian iron have settled the new investment, the other is a Beijing energy industry of the central enterprises. And that in addition to Qinhuangdao, Batiedi two test line has landed in Henan Zhoukou. But surging news reporter failed to contact the local government to verify this statement.

The song Youzhou mouth insisted made out of the "car" refers to the first Palestinian iron vehicle. Since the Qinhuangdao "batie No. 1" was a crudely made Palestinian iron technology, will "test run" renamed "model car test". Song Youzhou repeatedly stressed to reporters: "just before the Qinhuangdao model car, vehicle production car with the same."

But Pakistan Railway Technology spokesman Li Nan told reporters that due to funding not in place, the completion of the previously announced before the end of 2017 the prototype making plans for the new investment in place before will be shelved indefinitely.

A technical staff told reporters, if again with no decent vehicle Pakistan iron is difficult to continue to obtain cooperation trust in government, the next work will be more difficult. "The Pakistani iron and financing huawin Kailai repeatedly in the negative rumors, the local government took the opportunity to improve the cooperation threshold, urged the Pakistani Tiexian to get the national project to continue cooperation." The technical staff said.

Public information, song of the Song Dynasty and his BA iron (then called the "three dimensional fast bar") first entered the public view is in 2010.

In May of that year, Song Youzhou with its three-dimensional fast bar model and video in the thirteenth session of the Beijing international science and Technology Industry Expo debut. This power, by laying the track in the car head on the run, in order to public transport to solve the city traffic congestion, because of being "New York Times" reports caused national attention, Song Youzhou will start a three-dimensional fast promotion commercial ba. In July, Song Youzhou took his "project for the vehicle in a network program of CCTV host Wang Lifen, with the wide dissemination of the video on the Internet, then there are a lot of people know the song Youzhou and his" straddling bus".

Later, the Mentougou Beijing district government intends to cooperate with Song Youzhou to achieve the commercialization of the three dimensional fast bar. But the Mentougou government had finally settle a matter by leaving it unsettled, over the rumor said no matter. Before the interview, Song Youzhou told reporters that the Mentougou project will be built in the original line of a local industrial park, the "yellow", because the construction of government park investment is not in place, not out of the question of iron bar.

People familiar with the matter said that in the next few years, Song Youzhou has been for his "three dimensional fast" looking for investment, lack of money and lack of technical recognition is the two major challenges he faces.

This statement has been in the "three dimensional fast," the feasibility analysis of the report issued by Shanghai Jiao Tong University professor Zhang Jianwu mouth has been confirmed in the side. Zhang Jianwu told the surging news reporter, in 2009, Shanghai Jiao Tong University Research Institute and Song Youzhou signed a contract, led by him to the "three dimensional fast" issue feasibility analysis report, agreed to the cost of 150 thousand yuan.

"Song Youzhou pre paid 60 thousand yuan of funds, the remaining 90 thousand yuan, until 2011, it was by a collaboration with Song Youzhou Chen entrepreneurs pay. For this reason I have been in conflict with the song. I do not care about tens of thousands of pieces, but because there are expressly agreed in the contract, there is a part of the money is required to enter the school's financial system." Zhang Jianwu said.

Business information, Song Youzhou served as chairman of the board of transport (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. (Ceng Yongming: Transport (Beijing) Vehicle Technology Development Co. Ltd.) the sole shareholder is a company called Hualu holdings company, the company's legal representative is Chen Pengpeng, a natural person shareholder named Chen Xiaohong.

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