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GTKE LED Curtain Lights up Urban Landmark Interior

It’s the first LED screen project with irregular space in China, and said to be the largest LED creative ceiling curtain in the world. The whole LED ceiling curtain is composed of 11 leaf-shaped parts, each of which is divided into three different triangles with symmetrical distributions taken on a shape of fish maw. It is as long as 340 meters and its broadest side reaches 55 meters and its height is approximately 20 meters. It covers a total area of more than 8000 square meters.

It demands the structure form of LED ceiling curtain to conform to the architectural concept of Calatrava. With the feature of high transparency, the screen does no harm on the indoor lighting and it can even be completely invisible and well integrated with the architecture when not lighting up the screen.

Project Influence    

show  distinctive culture

Building the spiritual habitat which is rooted in culture and fosters its people and going around the world with dreams are Huafa Group’s cultural connotation of building ideal life city. And Huafa New Town in Zhuhai exactly represents this idea. Moreover, the unique 8,000 square meter grand creative LED ceiling curtain becomes the important carrier of it. Gtek serves the customer with tail made products and helps them show the corporate culture.

Gather huge flow of people

The 340 meters’ long commercial street is completely covered with 8,000 sqm LED ceiling curtain. Its excellent and vivid displaying effect brings the locals stunning feelings. At night, the grand and colorful visual images in the LED ceiling curtain make the shopping and the date experience more romantic and dreamlike. Since its opening, this mall attracts tens of thousands of people to visit every day. It truly achieves the effect of influencing a half city with an LED screen and earns Huafa New Town great popularity.

Create urban landmark

This ceiling curtain employs millions of LED lights in a natural leaf shape running through the roof of Huafa New Town, which perfectly integrates with the architecture. Its innovative design and astonishing displaying effect make Huafa New Town become the new city landmark in Zhuhai. This project has been awarded the 2013 China Excellent LED Application Project in the annual selection of China LED industry.

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GTKE LED Curtain Lights up China’s Urban Landmark Interior
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