Trade Resources Industry Views Poundland Outsourced It's Requirements to Communication Services Vendor NextiraOne

Poundland Outsourced It's Requirements to Communication Services Vendor NextiraOne

High-street retailer Poundland has outsourced its network and data centre requirements to communication services vendor NextiraOne 

As part of the agreement, NextiraOne will provide services for Poundland's Cisco-based network infrastructure, including its data centre, voice communications and local area networking (LAN) infrastructure across its headquarters, two regional distribution centres and its nationwide estate of nearly 500 stores.

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Poundland's network is used for its day-to-day operations, and handles a wide range of issues from financial and staff management systems to the integration of sales and stock information.

NextiraOne will provide managed services, including IT support, performance monitoring, optimisation and other on-demand services, such as those needed at peak times in their workload, and other unforeseen circumstances.

The communications vendor aims to provide Poundland's IT team with an overview of its entire IT estate to enable them to make better-informed business decisions.

"Our business is highly reliant on IT - for orders, stock control, transport and logistics, and warehousing," said Mike Gray, IT director at Poundland.

"IT resilience is critical as unplanned downtime can quickly damage our business. By putting in place proactive and preventative service measures, we can minimise business impact and ensure a stable platform for our ongoing growth," he said.

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Poundland Outsources Network and Data Centre Requirements to Nextiraone