Trade Resources Industry Views XCMG Rolls Out Domestic Arm-style Mounted Crane

XCMG Rolls Out Domestic Arm-style Mounted Crane

The domestic telescopic arm-style mounted crane with the maximum tonnage SQS625A and the truck was rolled out by XCMG recently. Its maximum hoisting capacity is 25 ton and the maximum working height 30 meters.

The main crane jib is consisted of the basic jib and multiple telescopic jibs. The jib is U-shape section and the telescopic mode is three-cylinder sequential telescope plus two-set cable hauling technology. The application of this technology, to great extent, enhances the hauling capacity of medium-long jib working, lowers the hauling frequency, reduces the maintenance of after-sales and improves its reliability. The adoption of advanced dual amplitude system makes the mounted crane more stable and safer when it is working. The application of double-stage large-span heteromorphosis square-box supporting leg, to great extent, enhances the stability of working.

The application of double-row ball rotary supporting effectively reduces the size and installation demand of accessories. Thus the adaptability of the mounted crane is also improved. The application of sub-jib, sub-windlass and sub-hook provide options for great range and high height work with light loading at high speed, and expand the application ranges of the mounted crane.

The application of minus angle improves its transportation performance. Its great working range can meet the wide-angle working of -11°—75°. And it can also reach the quick replacement of sub-jib, the supporting leg and multiplying power of sub-hook.

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XCMG Rolls Out Domestic Arm-style Mounted Crane with the Maximum Tonnage
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