Trade Resources Industry Views Engineered Specifically to Eliminate The Void Created by Using Standard Corrugated Boxes

Engineered Specifically to Eliminate The Void Created by Using Standard Corrugated Boxes

Engineered specifically to eliminate the void created by using standard corrugated boxes to pack products destined for individual consumers, Packsize International’s (Booth 2344) compact iQ FUSION corrugated converting machine produces custom-sized boxes on demand.

The system’s 48-square-foot footprint allows it to be placed at the end of any pack line. It uses the company’s z-Fold material that can be creased, cut and scored into an infinite number of box sizes and styles.

“On average, e-retailers ship 40% air in every package they send to a customer,” said CEO Hanko Kiessner. “Cutting each shipping container to the right size has a fundamental impact on the environment, on cost and on the customer experience.”

Office product retailer Staples is using the system throughout its supply chain to reduce air pillow use by 60% and the average cardboard box size by 20%, Kiessner said.

“Staples calculated that they’ve reduced their annual carbon footprint by 30,200 tons—or 120,000 trees—annually,” he noted. “Further, they justified their investment in the system based solely on customer satisfaction levels as a result of eliminating unnecessary packaging.”

Additionally, the system helps reduce pollution and emissions from air and vehicle freight. “Major shipping companies have told us that with current packaging practices they fill their planes and trucks with box volume, not by weight capacity,” Kiessner concluded. “By eliminating the unnecessary air, companies can reduce their fuel costs as well.”

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