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Cree Has Added New Products in The CXA Family of COB LEDs

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Cree has added new products in the CXA family of COB LEDs including a small array for small-form-factor SSL products, and also announced the option of specifying 95 CRI across the product family.

Cree has announced two new members of its CXA family of chip-on-board (COB) LED arrays including the CXA1304 with a 6-mm light emitting surface (LES) and the 12-mm CXA1816. Moreover, the entire CXA family is now available in a 95 CRI option. The company also added to its module family with a new version of the LMR2 that specifically targets residential solid-state lighting (SSL) downlights.

The new COB LEDs broaden the span of products that can be addressed with the CXA family. "The family of CXA LED arrays appeals to us because of the wide range of lumen options available, all at very high efficacy levels," said Michael Lin, CEO of Buckingham Industrial Group. "Regardless of the lighting application that we want to address, there is a CXA LED array offered that is optimized for it."

The CXA1304 LEDs deliver up to 1034 lm with typical efficacy of 102 lm/W at an 85°C operating temperature. The LED targets luminaires such as small track heads and downlights, or retrofit lamps such as small reflector bulbs.

The CXA1861 can enable replacements for 70W ceramic metal halide (CMH) spotlights as well as smaller luminaires and retrofit lamps. The LEDs can deliver up to 3000 lm.

The entire CXA family is LM-80 tested and offered across the range of 2700K–5000K CCTs. The new High CRI CXA versions feature both the 95 CRI and a typical R9 value of 85 at 3000K. Cree offers the LEDs in 2- and 4-step MacAdam Ellipse bins.

Downlight modules

Both COB LEDs and modules offer SSL manufacturers a simpler path to product development relative to traditional packaged LEDs. In the module space, Cree has added the LMR2 module for residential downlights, including an integrated driver. The company has sold a commercial-targeted version of the LMR2 since early 2011.

The residential module has the same form factor as the commercial product but is optimized for the performance and cost requirements of the residential market. The module delivers a CRI of 80 and is designed for 35,000 hours of life. Cree warranties the product for three years whereas many of its commercial products carry a ten-year warranty.

The module outputs 750 lm with an efficacy of 72 lm/W. SSL product developers can buy the product in a choice of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K CCTs. The product is dimmable to 5% of full output with legacy phase-cut dimmers.

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