Trade Resources Industry Views Arla and McDonald's Launch New Branded Happy Meal Milk Bottles

Arla and McDonald's Launch New Branded Happy Meal Milk Bottles

Arla is launching a line of co-branded milk bottles together with fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s.

The new product will have a maximum capacity of 250ml and will be available across 1,270 UK McDonald’s restaurants.

Over 5.5m customers will use the new brand. The new bottle will also have the Arla logo on the iconic golden arches.

Arla and McDonald’s have worked together for over three decades and since 2007, Arla has been providing organic milk to McDonald’s.

In 2017, Arla will supply over 30m litres of organic milk for McDonald’s teas, coffees, porridge and Happy Meal milk bottles.

Arla and McDonald’s have joined forces for agricultural purposes and also focused on enhancing animal welfare, sustainability and farmer resilience.

Arla Foods UK vice president of food service Jonathan Dixon said: “Arla has been working on a range of initiatives in recent months aimed at making organic milk more accessible to our consumers.

“We have recently repositioned our branded organic milk as Arla Organic Milk to highlight its free range credentials, and the rollout of the new bottle design for Arla Organic Milk 250ml into McDonald’s restaurants across the country is a great way for us to expand the reach of our products.

“The Compassion in World Farming awards win shows our ongoing commitment to our 30-year partnership with McDonalds and we look forward to working together on a series of new initiatives in the coming months and years. Watch this space!”

McDonald’s UK agriculture manager Pete Garbutt said: “Arla has been supplying McDonald’s with organic milk since 2007, and over 30 million litres will be distributed to our restaurants around the country this year.

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