Trade Resources Industry Views Liqui-Box Has Introduced Aquapur Film to Cater to The Rising Demand

Liqui-Box Has Introduced Aquapur Film to Cater to The Rising Demand

US-based flexible liquid packaging firm Liqui-Box has introduced AquaPur film to cater to the rising demand from bag-in-box water market.

Developed by the company's research and development team, the AquaPur film is claimed to shield the product without compromising on the natural properties of water. Its multilayer structure constitutes anoutside layer, and an interior contact layer.

Liqui-Box specializes in sustainable packaging solutions for quick, fresh and cost-efficient delivery of liquid and semi-liquid products. It also provides product line filling equipment and consumable packaging solutions, such as, film substrates, bags with fitments, and pouches.

The company caters to a range of industries engaged in manufacturing fountain beverage syrup, milkshake mix, coffee drinks, pumpable liquid foods, oils and paints.

Liqui-Box research and development - senior vice-president Greg Gard said: "We're excited to bring another new innovation to the water market with AquaPur.

"The sensitivity surrounding the preservation of quality and taste in the water market was not taken lightly. We took extra steps in the development process to insure our high standards were verified by trained panel experts."

AquaPur film has also been subjected to third party taste panel to maintain the quality demanded in the water packaging sectors.

Recently, Liqui-Box was conferred with Silver Award for Technical Innovation by Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) in recognition of its FlexAsept bulk food package on the fronts of superior flexibility, thermal resistance and Oxygen Transmission Rate (OTR).



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Liqui-Box Launches Aquapur Film for Water Packaging