Trade Resources Industry Views Jonsung P20 Outdoor LED Display Completes Shipment to South America

Jonsung P20 Outdoor LED Display Completes Shipment to South America

Recently, Jonsung P20 Outdoor LED display shipment to South America as the "waterfall village", "oil kingdom" of Venezuela. Jonsung led overseas markets showed a rapid growth momentum, get good market efficiency in Russia and other emerging markets, and maintain a stable growth trend in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

It is reported that Venezuela customers ever visit the factory several time, they choose the commonly model of P20 outdoor full color LED display. And through further investigation to Jonsung, the company's products and services are more satisfied with the signing of a number of pre-LEd displays, but also increased the number of led display late, which also shows the customer recognized the strength and service of Jonsung.

It is learned that the LED product of Jonsung has been able to win the customer's pro-gaze in overseas markets, because expanding overseas emerging markets has its own unique "principle." It not only strict compliance with the relevant international standards, from product design to avoid the source of quality problems, but also to strengthen the product testing processes, in strict accordance with the implementation of the appropriate test standard terms. Meanwhile Jonsung improve the further enhance the quality control, and gradually improve the product design review, incoming inspection, process validation, product testing and other aspects of the management system, establish a complete chain of product quality to win the recognition of overseas led market.

At present, the LED overseas market is a key factor in the future development of Chinese exports also LED enterprises to participate in global competition and occupy an important part of the market, a number of Jonsung’s emerging market to meet the tremendous growth in overseas markets opportunity. In addition, Venezuela led market with tremendous potential, while the LED display of domestic exports has space of about 60 billion RMB, and Jonsung can rely entirely the products with higher cost performance, rapid development of export business, and constantly develop new markets.

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Jonsung Exports P20 Outdoor LED Displays to South America
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