Trade Resources Industry Views Anhui Shanying Paper to Acquire Nordic Paper

Anhui Shanying Paper to Acquire Nordic Paper

Chinese paper and pulp company Anhui Shanying Paper Industry has agreed to acquire Swedish firm Nordic Paper from Special Situation Venture Partner lll and Petek.

Special Situation Venture Partner lll and Petek, each hold 60% and 40% stake in Nordic Paper. The financial details of the acquisition have not been disclosed.

Anhui Shanying Paper will acquire three of Nordic Paper’s mills located in Sweden and the fourth mill in Norway.

Listed at the Shanghai Stock Exchange since 2001, Anhui Shanying Paper is a subsidiary Taison Group. The company stated that it communicated with the stock exchange its intentions to grow and diversify in terms of product portfolio and geographic reach.

The transaction is still subject to approval from Anhui Shanying Paper’s shareholders along with the Chinese regulatory authorities.

Currently, the Chinese paper and pulp company has a product portfolio of recycled fibre trading, kraft paper manufacturing, packaging, design, printing and logistics.

After the acquisition is completed, Nordic Paper will continue as an independent pulp and paper company serving the European market and no changes are expected, with regards to business or operations at the moment.

Nordic Paper mainly produces natural greaseproof paper and kraft paper. Under greaseproof paper, it produces baking and cooking paper, baking cups, packaging material, cooking and catering paper and specialty paper. Under kraft paper, it produces packaging material, sack kraft paper and specialty kraft.

The company states that these two papers have special properties and can be used in a wide range of applications including electrical transformers, wickerwork furniture, laminates, stainless steel, climate-control systems, matchsticks and university diplomas.

The company also states that it can customise the features according to customers’ requests including strength, non-conductivity, water absorption, gloss or other properties.

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