Trade Resources Industry Views EIC Unveiled New Street Lighting Projects at The End of 2013

EIC Unveiled New Street Lighting Projects at The End of 2013

EIC unveiled new street lighting projects at the end of 2013. EIC 90W heat engine dolphin series LED street lights are largely required for new street lighting installation and old luminaire retrofit.

In China, LED street lights are being recognized for the long lifespan, energy saving and brighter visibility. The local government prefers to use LED street lights for public lighting. Thanks to government support, EIC has finished three projects of its own at the second half of this year. Thousands of 90W HEAT ENGINE Dolphin LED street lights were installed to retrofit 250W HPSL. That will save usd270,000 electricity bill and reduce 1500 tons of carbon emission.

About EIC HEAT ENGINE Dolphin LED street light/luminaire

- Unique HEAT ENGINE technology, Liquid Phase Change


- Higher fixture efficacy, 90-120LPW for luminaire

- High Transmission glass lens with rectangular beam

- Durability, IP67 driver, IP66 full sealed housing

- Aero superior aluminum alloy body, super conductive nano powder coating

- 60%-75% energy saving, short ROI period

- Up to 50,000hrs, low maintenance

- RoHS compliant, Environmental friendly, no mercury or lead, 100% recyclable

- Available from 3000, 4000 and 5000K

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EIC Completes Dolphin LED Streetlighting Projects in China
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