Trade Resources Industry Views GPI to Unveil New Packaging Machinery System at Drinktec 2017

GPI to Unveil New Packaging Machinery System at Drinktec 2017

Graphic Packaging International (GPI) said it will introduce a new packaging machinery system and robotic integration capabilities for the beverage industry at drinktec 2017 event in Germany.

The company is also unveiling other machinery and carton solutions at the event.

GPI will exhibit ReShape, a technology which will enable the beverage producers to pack their products in cartons with required shapes and configurations.

GPI packaging machinery division director Doug Hicks said: "ReShape opens up many options in beverage packaging. The system can both internally and externally nest primary containers to create a variety of shapes and sizes with the potential to use less fiber. Also, unique handle designs deliver added comfort and strength."

The robotic integration capabilities of GPI will be induced with the machinery to create configurable and scalable solution for multi-packaging.

At drinktec, the company will also display AutoMaxx, its high speed, compact system, which has the ability to generate both wraps and baskets in different formats. The solution, which is an integration of two existing machines, will also offer manufacturing flexibility in a small footprint.

The QuikFlex 300 will be exhibited at the fair. The system, which is an entry-level machine and continuous motion multi-packer, will enable to design cans, bottles and PET in different styles and carton designs.

GPI will also exhibit carton designs, which will aim at offering premium impact through shapes, graphics and decoration improvements.

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, GPI offers paper-based packaging solutions for food, beverage and other consumer product companies.

The firm emplys over 10000 people and specializes in folding cartons, paperboard, packaging, packaging machinery, package design and recycled paperboard.

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