Trade Resources Industry Views C& C Truck Debuts at Angva 2015

C& C Truck Debuts at Angva 2015

On November 4, the sixth Asia-Pacific Natural Gas Vehicle Association International Conference & Exhibition (also known as ANGVA 2015) was held at Chengdu Century New International Exhibition Center. This year, the conference & exhibition is jointly organized by China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), China Industrial Gases Industry Association (CIGIA) and Asia-Pacific Region Natural Gas Vehicle Association (ANGVA). During the conference & exhibition, a forum themed with “Natural Gas Vehicles---An Ideal Choice for Clean Transportation” was held to discuss a host of important issues concerning natural gas vehicles, engines, gas stations, pressurized containers, and related spare parts. In holding such a forum, the organizers hope to promote the development of the clean energy industry. Many companies and customers attended the forum.

Making its debut at ANGVA 2015, C&C Truck new U400 6X4 LNG locomotive is measuring 7.398 meters in length, 3.905 meters in height and 2.5 meters in width. A number of visitors surrounded the new truck,, taking a closer examination and asking questions about details of the truck. Some women visitors were so attracted to the truck, and they took a lot of photos with the truck.

The cockpit of U400 6X4 LNG locomotive adopts four pivots suspension structure, which ensures the smooth operation of the truck even on some bumpy roads. The air-bag seats can be adjusted in multiple directions and in various heights according to driver’s weight. Not only boasting a spacious cockpit, the truck also offers a comfortable sleeper for drivers. The ergonomic design of the interior of the cockpit as well as the driver-friendly devices for turning and gear shifting provide much more comforts for drivers and thus they will less likely to suffer driving fatigue. With intelligent air-conditioning system and air-tight sealing, the cockpit is always made as cozy as possible for drivers and passengers. Besides, C&C Truck 6K13-liter series natural gas engine boasts a displacement of 12.939 liters and strong power. Also, it achieves high energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. Generating less noise and delivering more reliable performances, it is the first 13-liter natural gas powered engine in China covering a horse power range from 380 to 440. With a maximum torque of 1,880 Nm, the engine helps the truck climb slops more easily, effectively solving the unsatisfactory performances of other natural gas powered trucks.  

Double gas tank LNG truck boasts competitive continuous driving capacity. Moreover, LNG truck is superior to diesel-powered trucks when working under extremely cold weather conditions. Diesel will often freeze when the temperature drops to minus 25 to 30 degrees, which brings a lot of troubles for vehicle startup and operation. However, such headaches can be easily solved by a natural gas powered truck. More importantly, C&C Truck new U400 6X4 LNG locomotive is able to cut fuel costs by 35% compared with a diesel-powered truck. A customer of C&C truck attending the conference & exhibition also spoke highly of the braking system inside cylinders. For transporting dangerous chemicals or on long-distance transportation, the wear & tear of the braking system can be effectively reduced, ensuring the safe operation of the truck.  

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