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SAMCO's Stock Listing Has Been Transferred

Japan's SAMCO Inc, a supplier of etch, chemical vapour deposition (CVD) and surface treatment systems for the semiconductor industry, says that its stock listing has been transferred from the TSE JASDAQ (Standard) market to the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange market (TSE). SAMCO is the first transfer of a listing since consolidation of the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE) and the Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE) on 16 July.

SAMCO specializes in manufacturing thin-film deposition (PECVD), etching (ICP, RIE, DRIE) and surface treatment (plasma and UV-ozone cleaning) systems for the production of compound semiconductor, optoelectronics, MEMS and other electronic components, including next-generation power devices and LEDs. Since the company was founded in 1979, for the past 33 years it has maintained continual profitability. In May 2001, SAMCO went public on the Japan Securities Dealers Association over-the-counter market (now TSE JASDAQ – standard). However, SAMCO determined it was best to switch to the main market of the TSE in order to improve its performance in developing new fields and expanding into global markets. The firm hence obtained approval from the TSE to switch to the Second Section of the TSE.

SAMCO adds that it aims to be listed in the First Section of the TSE in the near future.

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SAMCO's Stock Transferred to Tokyo Stock Exchange