Trade Resources Industry Views Village Juicery Officially Opens Its Doors This Weekend at 540 College Street

Village Juicery Officially Opens Its Doors This Weekend at 540 College Street

Village Juicery, a leading producer and distributor of raw, 100% organic, nutritionist approved and never HPP'd cold-pressed juice, officially opens its doors this weekend at 540 College Street.

Based in Toronto and produced every night, Village Juicery is the first cold-pressed juice company in the city to deliver fresh, unpasteurized juice to retailers, grocery stores and fitness studios across Toronto.

Unlike commercially produced juices found in grocery stores that take a year to produce and sit on the shelves for more than 45 days, Village Juicery's cold-pressed juices take less than a day to make and have a shelf life of three to four days.

The company's business model is similar to that of a bakery: Organic produce is handpicked in the morning and juice is pressed overnight. The product is then delivered to the store and select retailers the very next morning.

The end result is juice that is the closest to nature as possible, and contains more nutrients and enzymes than its conventionally produced counterpart. The company works predominantly with local farmers, and only uses organic fruits and vegetables in their products. Village Juicery's cold-pressed juices are also not high pressure pasteurized, which keeps all the good bacteria and vegetative flora intact, and are housed in environmentally friendly glass bottles.

With the mission of improving the everyday health of the people within its community, Village Juicery prides itself on being more than just another cold-pressed juice company.

For instance, the flagship store at 540 College Street, designed by award-winning firm Mason Studio, is staffed by nutritionists and fitness enthusiasts, and is a place where people can congregate and learn about where their food comes from and how fruits and vegetables can make a significant impact on their health.

In addition to Village Juicery's lineup of seven cold-pressed juices, the company will also be introducing handmade nut milks, raw and vegan smoothies and other fibre-rich locally produced meals and snacks.

Village Juicery has already established partnerships with leading retailers across the city and its juices can be found at: Holts Gourmet, Forno Cultura, Healthy Planet, Summerhill Market, Generate Fitness, Thor Espresso Bar and Fuel Training Club.

Starting in January 2015, Village Juicery will also be available online through Fresh City Farms.

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