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ACE Launches New Group Fitness Instructor Certification

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), a nonprofit organization that educates, certifies and represents more than 60,000 certified fitness professionals worldwide, launched a new Group Fitness Instructor Certification Study Experience to meet the fast-growing need for scientifically informed and effective instructors. The improved study experience provides ACE Certified instructors with the latest exercise science, as well as proven engagement and motivation strategies, so they can lead safe, healthy and engaging group fitness experiences.

“We designed our all-new ACE Group Fitness Instructor study experience to offer instructors the absolute best educational experience available,” said ACE Chief Science Officer, Cedric Bryant. “By empowering instructors to lead participants of all fitness levels with the most effective strategies for delivering memorable and safe movement experiences, we can ensure that group fitness continues to serve as a critical component in everyone’s efforts to achieve lifelong health.”

The new study experience serves as a comprehensive resource for both new and veteran instructors. This course takes candidates through the theory and practical application of exercise programming, including class design, music selection, teaching strategies, engagement and motivation techniques and more. The ACE curriculum covers all exercise modalities and enables instructors to lead a variety of populations and levels of fitness.

“For 30 years, ACE has raised the standards of the group fitness industry. We have established our group fitness certification as the gold standard,” said ACE CEO, Scott Goudeseune. “The rise in demand for group fitness has pushed us further. We’ve built the most dynamic, engaged learning experience yet, empowering ACE Certified instructors to turn this group fitness trend into a powerful force against the obesity epidemic.”


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