Trade Resources Industry Views Drake Plastics Unveils Facility Expansion of Medical Products Operating Unit

Drake Plastics Unveils Facility Expansion of Medical Products Operating Unit

Drake Plastics has unveiled the capacity and facility expansion of its medical products operating unit, which was launched in February 2016.

Drake Plastics Medical was formed to better serve the specialized requirements of the medical device and life science industries.

The company plans to break ground on two new buildings for Drake Plastics Medical next month.

The expansion will add 24,000 ft² of new manufacturing space at Drake's 45-acre Cypress, Texas campus.

Currently, Drake Plastics Medical operates 5000ft² of medical manufacturing space, which produces custom designed extruders, dryers, annealing ovens and precision fabrication equipment.

The firm holds capacity to produce rod diameters from 2mm to 150mm, as well as flat stock from 10mils to 25mm thicknesses.

In addition, the capabilities of medical cell range from the conversion of pellets through to final devices with total traceability within the confines of a single facility.

Drake Plastics Medical produces specialty polymers for prototyping to higher volumes of parts through various conversion techniques such as machining or injection molding of PEEK, AvaSpire PAEK, Amodel, IXEF and Torlon.

In addition, the firm offers stock shapes made from many FDA compliant resins, which can be used in multiple non-implant medical and life science applications.

Drake president, Steven Quance said: "Last year we made the decision to apply a dedicated focus toward medical customers. Although Drake Plastics has served medical applications for over a decade, our focus over the past year has been to 'lean into' the needs of medical customers from both a supply and quality assurance standpoint.”

Drake Plastics Medical business manager Kathy Oliveto said: “Our site is FDA registered as a device manufacturing location and we expect to obtain ISO 13485 certification in 2017.”

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