Trade Resources Industry Views Guangzhou Tea Expo Attracts Global Traders

Guangzhou Tea Expo Attracts Global Traders

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A five-day tea event in Guangzhou has offered tea lovers an opportunity to taste almost 800 global brands of tea.

"I visit this tea expo every year, because these companies always bring their best products," said Mrs. Guo, a local who bought a box of Ceylon tea.

As China's major tea-distributing center since ancient times, Guangzhou owns the largest wholesale and consumer tea market in China.

Since 2006, Guangzhou International Tea Expo has been held for 17 times. This year's event, ended on Monday, attracted almost 800 tea traders from more than 20 countries and regions, including Sri Lanka, South Korea and China's Taiwan.

One South Korean exhibitor not only brought their tea products, but also performed a tea ceremony. They also invited visitors to join them and taste their tea.

Jung-Soon Kim, the Chairman of the Organizing Committee for the Tea World Festival said this was the first time the South Koreans have performed like this since they attended the expo four years ago.

"It gives us a great chance to spread South Korean culture and learn from Chinese people at the same time," Kim said.

Visitors sampled different teas at the booths. One company, Primeval Rainforest Tree Tea from Yunnan, set up 34 tea tables. Each had its own teapot, tea and cup, allowing visitors to make their own tea.

"I can make tea depending on my own taste," said a twenty years old visitor at the booth.

Zhu Biyan, the marketing manager of the company, said this was a good way to help young people try new things and find the charm of tea.

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Guangzhou Tea Expo Attracts Global Traders