Trade Resources Industry Views RPC Promens Designs New Plastic Bottle for Plenish Probiotic Drinks

RPC Promens Designs New Plastic Bottle for Plenish Probiotic Drinks

RPC Promens Consumer Llantrisant has designed a new PET bottle for London-based Plenish.

The company provided the custom-moulded 330ml PET bottle for Plenish to pack three new flavors of Water+ range, including cucumber, pineapple ginger and blueberry pear.

According to RPC, the clear bottle creates an enhanced on-shelf impression, with an aura both svelte and imposing.

The bottle’s understated curves merge into a large area, which is ideal for eye-catching labels.

Plenish operations and supply chain manager Amanda Grace said: “We designed this bottle shape to fit in with our existing range of cold press juices that come in 250ml and 500ml, and we’re really happy that RPC could turn it into a reality.”

They were even able to work with their tooling partner to reduce our lead-time and provide the bottles ready for our nationwide launch. We wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again in the future.”

In September, RPC Promens Industrial launched new Politainer combi pack, designed for use in several markets.

Politainer, which is available in sizes from one to 30 liters, can be used is several applications such as chemicals, inks, pharmaceuticals, and food.

RPC Promens provides packaging solutions for different markets, including food and drink, cosmetics and personal care, pharmaceutical, automotive, and household and industrial chemicals.

The company also offers technical components for sectors such as light and heavy vehicles, and electronics.

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