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Millet MIX Seven a Fantastic Skill, You Know Several?

I believe a lot of people like me, see millet MIX first eye was full screen to fascinate. Let me fascinated the moment is the moment the screen was lit, the entire phone is the screen, really makes me amazing. While supporting the whole screen is MIUI, lit the screen, we need to use it for various types of operations: Brush micro-blog, chat WeChat, playing games......

We use mobile phones all the time, a lot of mobile phone habits let us have a huge dependence, it is these habits, in order to enable us to better learning, better work, better entertainment. MIUI these magical features, but also understand the talent to understand.

Shared photo album

Every time we read the album, we want to pick out the best photos and share them in our circle. The thumbnail may not see which one is wanted, even though we all wanted to solve everything, but open to return to this operation, to and fro many times really a waste of time.

MIUI can open up the picture after the draw, into the sharing mode, this time you can slide around, click to choose to share photos, both to see the big picture, but also choose to want to share pictures, simple and rough. In share mode, click on the upper left corner, you can choose whether to share the original preview share out the size of the picture; click on the lower left corner of the landscaping, but also save the P link, this may be the most versatile way to share.

The next row full of private space

Many people put the cloud album as their own private album, so that others do not know their secrets. In fact, MIUI have set their own private space system, from the mobile phone to his private messages, every hour and moment in the protection of our data.

In the album, SMS, file management, notes the interface, can slip into private space, adding that you don't want others to see, when the exit of private space, the content is encrypted, only has a fingerprint and password will be able to access permissions.

Verification code a second copy and paste

Chat software completely replaced the message, but we still receive a lot of notification class messages every day, such as various wonderful verification code. Every day to receive several upside fortunately, if it happens to change passwords, a day more than a dozen verification code SMS is tired. Previously only fish in general 7 seconds to remember the memory verification code can be recorded down a dozen, but also very tired.

In MIUI, when we receive the verification code text messages, will directly pop alert notification, and intelligent identification of the current message contains the verification code. At this point can be directly click on the right side of the copy, you can paste directly in the past, before and after only a second time, save time, do not need to waste mental brain to remember strange numbers.

Dynamic visual long screenshot

All screenshots are to save the moment the mood, if your mood is very long very long, then use a long screenshot. Good screenshots should not only express the screenshots, also has the freedom to control the length of the power should be screenshots. MIUI can automatically help you long screen, can also cut length and long range free screen. When cutting, a screen can be full cut, can also be accurately cut, long and short, clean.

Notification bar seconds check internet traffic

Every love internet baby should have a statistical flow function. In the MIUI security center, set the flow package, open the notification bar display traffic information, each time when the notice bar, can know their own package margin. Dual card millet MIX switch different cards, display traffic information will not be the same, such detail, had to love.

Suspension ball quick operation

Without touch buttons MIX, perhaps have to spend a little time familiar with virtual buttons, MIUI can be an interesting feature does not need to deliberately study, that is suspended ball. Open the suspension ball in the settings, anywhere in the screen can quickly operate, exhale millet bus, open the flashlight, a levitation ball salvation to you do.

May be insignificant little function, but all the time to change our lives. If MIX let the phone more concept, then MIUI let MIX into what we want. Millet MIX there are many worth the details of the discovery, perhaps only after the real use will understand the mystery.

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