Trade Resources Industry Views Darfon 10KV Surge Protected LED Driver Passes Lightning Field Tests

Darfon 10KV Surge Protected LED Driver Passes Lightning Field Tests

Darfon Electronics the turnkey green energy total power solutions provider, new launched a whole series of built-in 10KV lightning surge protected rugged & ultra efficiency outdoor LED lighting driver 60W ~ 270W smart series. To catch the conversion is well under way in many municipalities to convert roadway lighting to solid-state LED streetlight technology. Nowadays rapidly increasing demands for LED-based light sources for outdoor applications bring new challenges to system durability. In order to maximize the durability and reliability of LED lighting systems, it is critical to protect them from damage due to high current surges on the main lines.

Surge damage becomes evident in partial or complete failure of outdoor LED modules

Lightning surge protection is always essential for LED streetlight applications to extend lifetime of LEDs, reduction of maintenance work and replacement costs. A suitable and particularly efficient surge protection concept should be incorporated at the design stage. Although LED technology has a lot of advantages, it has the disadvantage over conventional luminaries technologies that replacement costs for equipment are higher and the surge immunity is lower.

An analysis of surge damage to LED street lights shows that in the majority of cases not individual, but several LED lights are affected. The consequences of damage become evident in partial or complete failure of the LED modules, destruction of the LED drivers, reduced brightness or failure of electronic control systems. Even if the LED light is still operational, surges normally negatively affect its lifetime.

Surge damage becomes evident in partial or complete failure of outdoor LED modules

LED Outdoor Luminaires (Street Lighting, Parking Lot Lighting) IEC/EN 61643-11 IEEE C62.41.2 6kV/3kA 10kV/5kA LED roadway lighting model specification, effective from December 2011, calls out surge immunity requirements for outdoor lighting systems. Model specifications become mandatory ANSI/NEMA requirement. Cities, municipalities and utilities in North America are adopting this model specification in their Requests for Quotes (RFQs) for lighting retrofit projects. North America - Commercial and Industrial Outdoor LED lighting Dept of Energy Surge Requirements with reference to IEEE C.62.41-2002, Europe/Brazil/Asia Outdoor LED Surge Requirement Suggested 10kV/5kA Level Surge Immunity.

Darfon outdoor LED driver series built-in 10KV surge protection capability

10KV surge protection capability is built-in circuit of entire Darfon highest IP grade waterproof LED driver series and suitable for outdoor and indoor LED streetlight, high bay lighting, tunnel lighting, public signage, architectural lighting, decorative & office lighting etc. All series certified UL 8750, EN 61347-1, EN 61347-2-13, GB 19510.1, GB 19510.14 international safety regulations. The operation reliability has been verified lightning field test of hundreds LED roadway light driver installations in frequent thunder strike hills and none failed.

Taiwan municipal roadway lighting utilities retrofit program choose Darfon 10KV LED driver series
The latest achievement is awarded to join Taiwan municipal roadway lighting utilities retrofit program to replace over 500,000 traditional mercury vapor and sodium streetlights with LED luminaries by providing over 200,000 LED lighting driver products within Q1, 2016. This is a boost presence to Taiwan LED driver supply chain after successfully joined for over dozens of municipal LED streetlight retrofit programs in China and U.S. Territories. It was contributed by the outstanding design & manufacturing capacity of Darfon Green Energy Power Group.

About Darfon Electronics

Darfon Electronics founded in 1997 subsidiary company of BenQ & AUO Group, Darfon Green Energy Power Group R&D / Manufacturing Resources on developing diversity of cutting edge green power design by its Information Technology to serve Tier one World Class ODM/EMS accounts over decades. Focus on playing green energy solutions provider covering LED driver & power supplies, PV solar solution, EV battery pack & storage system by their core competences in LED power conversion and product design for over a decade since 2000. Darfon’s global branches and worldwide professional distribution channels can provide complete regional logistic service including fast delivery & RMA Swap Pool & FAE on site supports. DARFON ultimate goal always “Delivery, Assurance, Reliability, Fulfill Obligation, Nonstop” for every customer. By year end of 2014, Darfon had generated over US$ 800 million dollars in sales revenues and now houses a staff of around 15,000 employees throughout its global operations spreading across Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, U.S. and Europe.

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