Trade Resources Industry Views Siegwerk Joins Forces with Brand Owners and Converters on New Packaging Solutions

Siegwerk Joins Forces with Brand Owners and Converters on New Packaging Solutions

German printing inks manufacturer Siegwerk is supporting brand owners and converters to develop and realize innovative packaging solutions.

The company is also offering its packaging expertise and creativity skills to brand owners and converters who are searching for outstanding packaging designs enhancing their impact at the point of sale (PoS).

Siegwerk’s Brand Owner INKdays program will serve as platform for exchange on packaging trends and innovative design ideas.

The program will bring together packaging designers, packaging developers, marketers and other interested employees to generate forward-looking packaging ideas with Siegwerk experts using different creativity methods such as design thinking approach.

As part of the program, Siegwerk provides trainings on ink and varnishes relevant for developing new packaging solutions.

It will also provide updates on packaging safety and regulations for food and hygiene applications, in addition to moderating creativity and innovation workshops such as the creation of prototypes.

Under the program, the company will combine individual design ideas and functional demands of brand owners with the technical requirements of packaging converters and the necessary compliance with existing regulations for packaging inks.

The company will provide brand owners with feasibility and technical setup studies for the final realization of any jointly developed packaging idea.

Siegwerk brand owner business global head Dr Thomas Boucoiran said: “New packaging requirements of brand owners and converters also have an impact on inks and varnishes.

“New substrates and design effects as well as novel ways of packaging drive the need for innovative ink solutions. That’s why an early and open exchange with brand owners and converters is a win-win situation to all three parties.

“We’ve successfully performed several Brand Owner INKdays and innovation workshops. We received a very positive feedback and the INKday provided great opportunities to share creative ideas and look at new future innovations.”

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