Trade Resources Industry Views Foton Toano Sweeping Green CV Wind in Changsha

Foton Toano Sweeping Green CV Wind in Changsha

In the first quarter of 2016, sales of FOTON TOANO, FOTON G9 and G7 increased by 56% year on year, their market shares are gradually expanding. Along with two marketing platforms of Le Mans and quality experience tourism and TOANO and G9 launch, green city commercial vehicle winds are sweeping.

Among them, on behalf of the pure German figure TOANO left a deep impression on the audience to the atmosphere and stylish appearance, world-class environmental protection power matching, high-end car class comfort and a large space, strong bearing capacity characteristics.

TOANO with pure German lineage, super capacity, large space, the value of beauty, has become Chinese independent automobile business product benchmark. They use high load, rear bridge of large speed ratio, the vehicle carrying capacity significantly increased. Gearbox upgrade to 6MT, the shift is smoother and clearer. ABS+EBD is the standard configuration of braking system improvement to make driving more safety. TOANO also employs BOSCH new generation intelligent electronic control high pressure common rail technology, and fuel economy is increased by 10%.

At the same time, researched and developed on the basis of 3720 wheelbase platform, FOTON G9 can fully meet any driving and riding experience with its new power system, battery system, as well as comfort and environmental protection, safety and reliability, strong driving force and long endurance of the "all round specification" standard.

FOTON TOANO and G9 constitute a new green business combination to bring more green business, green travel options for consumers.


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